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Powered by Generative AI and Predictive AI

Improve Demand Forecasting. Sense Demand in Real-time

Connect your supply chain data with marketing, sales, external data to generate rich demand signals using advanced AI algorithms and build an accurate forecast.

Position Your Inventory. Reduce Inventory Carry-over Cost

Dynamically optimize inventory by responding to real-time demand insights. Reduce inventory depth – even for seasonal trends and products with shorter life cycles.

Maximize Marketing ROI. Reduce Ad Spend

Make smarter marketing decisions and run targeted, personalized campaigns to reach customers with the right products at the right time for best use of marketing budget.

Optimize S&OP. Turn Estimates into Actual Profits

Seamlessly evaluate opportunities, risks, trade-offs with consolidated data. Set realistic sales targets, design dynamic pricing strategies, allocate budgets efficiently, and optimize cash flow.

Improve your Supply Chain and Marketing Performance

  • Get End to End Visibility of all Operations

    Get a control tower view of all functions across the supply chain by building a strong data foundation. Integrate and synthesize data from various sources, providing a single source of truth and facilitating informed decision-making.

  • Reduce the perils of Shortage or Excess Inventory

    Utilize accurate demand forecasting, real-time data analytics, and demand-driven replenishment processes to mitigate the risks of stockouts or excess inventory. Optimize inventory levels, enabling on-time order fulfillment and avoiding unnecessary costs and inefficiencies associated with excess holdings.

  • Enhance Customer Experience with Personalization

    Use Google Search and Google Trends data to assess public interest, social media sentiment analysis and local demographic data to understand potential customer behavior. Make the informed decisions to put the right product, at the right price, at the right time, in front of the right people for exceptional customer experience.

  • Respond Rapidly to Supply Chain Disruptions

    Harness the power of advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to detect patterns, identify risks, and predict potential disruptions. Embrace generative AI algorithms to simulate multiple scenarios and devise agile response strategies and robust contingency plans.

    Minimize downtime, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain a competitive edge by reacting promptly to disruptions.

  • Ensure timely Delivery of Goods to End Customers

    Minimize delay, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction by optimizing your last mile delivery processes. Last Mile Delivery solutions optimize route planning, vehicle allocation, and driver scheduling, resulting in cost savings and operational efficiencies.

    Use these solutions to enable real-time tracking and visibility, allowing customers to stay informed about the status of their deliveries.

  • Improve Supply Network Efficiency for Profitability

    Give your customers what they want, when and where they want it — in a way that's both profitable and sustainable. Run what-if scenarios to determine the best routes and schedules for both inbound and outbound processes. Handle the movement of products across the supply chain with precision.

Achieve Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

Experience seamless performance and control with Google Cloud Cortex Framework, a game-changing innovation. Take advantage of the existing platform's robustness, scalability, and ecosystem while extending its capabilities with platform on platform architecture. Our adaptable glass-box methodology and extensive integration capabilities present infinite possibilities for every individual in your organization.

Scale as you grow. Innovate and adapt quickly with flexible, composable, prepackaged solutions.

Get ROI within 8 weeks or less

Success Stories

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    Tacori achieved better order planning and marketing analytics with Google Cortex, Generative AI, and Looker.

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    Lixil implemented Preventive Maintenance Machine Learning Models leveraging Google Cortex, Vertex AI, and Generative AI.

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    Ulta Beauty deployed ML models to accurately predict the delay and quantity of their products using Google Cortex, Vertex AI, and Looker.

Get the Best of both Google Cloud
and SAP Ecosystem

Pluto7, in strategic partnership with SAP and Google Cloud, is at the forefront of integrating Google Cloud's advanced AI, ML, and Generative AI capabilities into SAP systems. This synergy of Google Cloud's analytical prowess with SAP's robust enterprise applications provides businesses with a unique opportunity to leverage data-driven insights for decision-making.

Get started in less than an hour with readily available solutions on Google Cloud and SAP BTP.


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