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Pluto7 is making a difference in the world of technology.

There are very few organizations in the world that can deliver what Pluto7 does – breakthrough business transformation combining top business consulting & unique ML solutions built on Google Cloud.

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How we transformed businesses with the power of AI?

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Creating value through true convergence of the best of technology and our domain expertise in the Supply Chain and Manufacturing industry.

Factory level AI

Pluto7’s AI-driven solutions let you unlock hidden Supply Chain and Customer Experience intelligence from your factory data collected by ERP systems, IoT sensors and more. From supply chain optimization to ensuring safety of your workforce, AI and ML based models built on Google Cloud makes all this possible for fully autonomous factories.

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Demand Sensing, Demand Forecasting AI for Supply Demand Balance

Artificial intelligence is used in business applications widely including data analytics, automation and natural language processing.

Machine learning automates analytical models by making use of the insights in data without being explicitly programmed.

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