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Make Smarter Decisions Faster By Efficiently Processing Massive Amounts of Data with BigQuery

Get actionable insights from your data faster than ever. Pluto7 leverages Google Cloud's BigQuery to modernize your data warehousing by seamlessly integrating sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain data. Benefit from real-time analytics, robust scalability, and cost-effective solutions as you embark on your journey to decision intelligence.

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Elevate Your Data Strategy for Your Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, and Finance Challenges


Unlock the full potential of your data with Pluto7's specialized services. Planning in a Box seamlessly integrates your ERP (SAP, Oracle EBS, Netsuite, Salesforce) with Google Cloud's BigQuery for unified data and informed decision-making.

Data Management

Ensure the integrity, quality, and accessibility of your data. Pluto7's data management solutions prioritize data governance, security, and quality, laying a strong foundation for your data-driven journey. Learn More…

DB Migration

Take the stress out of DB migration with our expert guidance. Seamlessly transition from your existing ERP (SAP, Oracle, NetSuite) to a more robust and scalable Google Cloud database environment. Learn More…

Data Warehouse Modernization

Revolutionize your analytics capabilities. Utilize the power of BigQuery to achieve real-time analytics, scalability, and significant cost savings, transforming data into actionable insights effortlessly.


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Market Guide for Analytics and Decision Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

Sense. Plan. Position.
Manage Your Supply Chain in Real-Time and Maximize Profits

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Reduction in Inventory Carryover Costs

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Improvement in Forecast Accuracy

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Improvement in Gross Margins

Enabling Businesses to Achieve
Data-Driven Transformation


Automate Data Delivery

Streamline data collection and dissemination to eliminate manual errors and save time.


Enable Real-time Decision Making

Analyze business events as they unfold. Leverage Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Dataflow, and stream API for immediate ingestion of events.


Make Insights Accessible

Consolidate siloed data sources into one platform with connectors, and utilize familiar BI tools for easy querying.


Secure Your Business Data

Implement data access controls and ensure regulatory compliance, while leveraging built-in encryption, VPC service controls, and data replication.


Lay the Foundation for AI

Prepare your data infrastructure for seamless integration of AI/GenAI and machine learning models.


Simplify Complex Data Operations

Set-up quickly and scale from gigabytes to petabytes on-demand. Data replication ensures seamless data availability. Eliminate worries of data loss with automatic backups.

Success Stories

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    Tacori achieved better order planning and marketing analytics with Google Cortex, BigQuery, Vertex AI, and Looker.

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    Lixil implemented Preventive Maintenance Machine Learning Models leveraging Google Cortex, BigQuery, and Vertex AI.

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    Ulta Beauty deployed ML models to accurately predict the delay and quantity of their products using Google Cortex, BigQuery, Vertex AI, and Looker.

Why Pluto7?

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When it comes to data-driven transformation, Pluto7 stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation.

50+ Advanced Google Cloud Certifications: With an extensive range of Google Cloud certifications, you'll be working with proven experts in the field.

Certified Masters in Data Integration, Data Quality, and Data Governance: Let us govern and maintain your data while you focus on innovations.

Expertise Across the Entire Data Value Chain : With deep knowledge in data engineering, solutions architecture, and platform engineering, we provide comprehensive services that cover every facet of your data journey.

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