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TACORI Elevates Their Supply Chain Through Advancing Data & Analytics Platform


TACORI is a well-known luxury jewelry company that specializes in handcrafted engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry, best-known for their iconic Signature Crescent design.  The company was founded in 1969 and is based in California, USA.  With a team of expert artisans and business professionals, the client has fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry.   

Why TACORI Chose Pluto7

Pluto7’s expertise and solutions aligned clearly with the client’s vision and goals. Perfection and precision are infused in every aspect of their business. The client sought a highly regarded business collaborator, capable of advancing their data & analytics platforms with accuracy, scalability, and speed.  TACORI engaged in a strategic partnership with Google Cloud Premier Partner, Pluto7, and Google Cloud as industry experts, to safely migrate their data to a more robust platform, unlocking hidden value in their data and improve overall corporate decision-making.


TACORI was searching for a solution on the Google Cloud Platform using its various functionalities, including AI and Machine Learning, to address the following: 

  • Migrating Data from the different sources to a centralized GCP platform
  • Enabling a data science platform, using GCP services and building real-time interactive dashboards & analytics using Looker.
  • Address day-to-day operational challenges such as Material forecasting for Precious Metals, Diamonds, and Gemstones.
  • Develop Production planning models for better inventory management and resource planning for the long, mid, and short term.
  • Build highly agile Demand Forecasting Models for raw materials.
  • Establishing a foundational security framework for data.


  • Centralization of data into the GCP Ecosystem.
  • An expanded analytics platform, incorporating diverse sources of data, in addition to existing data sources & pipelines.
  • Displays and Visualization in Looker Dashboards.
  • Consistent and reliable data feed strategies with Google Cloud Composer.
  • A secure framework, ensuring data integrity and protection.


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Organization Name: Tacori


  • Tacori is looking for a partner in data-warehousing/smart analytics to drive breakthrough co-innovation for higher revenue and profitable growth
  • Tacori wants to study the behavior of their customers more analytically with better predictive insights across Sales, Marketing, and Supply Chain.
  • Even though data is accessed for periodic reporting, the approach is siloed as the data isn’t centralized. Moreover, currently no means are available to maintain the historical data in NAV.
  • Tacori wants to have a connected plan view considering the different verticals like forecasting, purchasing order, production planning, and material planning.


  • A data science platform was enabled in GCP with real-time interactive dashboards using looker
  • Successfully developed a marketing analytics platform by ingesting data from multiple other sources
  • Developed Demand Forecasting model using vertex AI with the highest accuracy with raw material forecasting

Products Used

  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Composer
  • Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google BigQuery
  • Cloud Data Flow
  • Cloud Scheduler
  • Cloud VPN
  • Vertex AI
  • Cloud IAM
  • Cloud Build
  • Cloud Composer
  • Stack Driver
  • Secret Manager
  • Cloud key management system
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention