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Predict. Adapt. Win: Revolutionize CPG Supply Chain with Decision Intelligence and Generative AI

Navigate consumer trends, seasonal demands, inventory fluctuations with confidence, leveraging instant data-driven decisions for your evolving product range. Harness Generative AI, unified data sources and 250+ external signals to optimize assortments, manage suppliers, and deliver products timely and effectively, simplifying your complex supply chain management.

Google Cloud Cortex-Enabled Data Platform

02 hours

Deploy in 2 hours on your cloud instance

250+ External Signals

Integrates with 250+ External Signals

04 Weeks

Generative AI-powered insights in 4 weeks or less

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Every Product, Every Batch, Across Every Distribution Channel, Now Reports to You

From the production lines to the distribution network, gain comprehensive visibility into your entire product journey. Stay one step ahead, perfectly positioned to fulfill your customer’s demands!

  • Source Agnostic Approach
    Whether your data comes from Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, or Netsuite, our data platform provides a unified, comprehensive view of your retail operations.
  • Effortless Data Transformation
    Our Gen AI solutions, built on Google Cloud's Cortex Framework, enable swift transformation of your data into actionable insights.
  • Customization and Transparency
    With our Glassbox methodology, you get full transparency and flexibility to customize your data platform, meeting your evolving retail needs.
  • Empowerment Across Teams
    From production to marketing, procurement to finance - our low-code Gen AI platform brings immediate, actionable insights to all.

Your CPG Challenges, Simplified in Seconds

Demand Sensing &
Dynamic Inventory


Integrate sales history, promotional data, and market trends to accurately forecast demand. Achieve the optimal balance between holding costs and service levels, mitigating stock-outs and overstock situations.

Improve Vendor


Utilize data from past performance and industry benchmarks to ensure your vendors meet your expectations. Identify potential issues before they impact your product availability or bottom line.

Shelf Planning and


Leverage advanced GenAI/AI capabilities to gain real-time insights into on-shelf availability and shelf share, ensuring comprehensive, up-to-the-minute shelf intelligence.

Sales and Customer


Discover how inventory levels directly impact sales and overall revenue. Foresee a drop in demand for a product? Ask our platform to gauge the potential impact on revenue and profitability for the product line.



Integrate marketing and supply chain data, delve deeper into data-driven Generative AI insights for tailored campaigns to reach customers at the right time in their product journey and boost marketing ROI.



Gen AI-powered analysis to sift through complex supplier contracts and promotional agreements. Identify high impact clauses and use these insights to negotiate better terms.


Revolutionized Inventory Assortment for a SoCal’s Gourmet Food Market with Omni-Channel Data


A SoCal gourmet food market significantly enhanced revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction by gaining deeper, real-time, actionable insights, enabling them to optimize their inventory effectively. Leveraging Generative AI driven insights into customers' predicted values, future revenue by product, and demand forecast, they created customer-centric shopping experience.

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    Google Cloud and Pluto7 helped a SoCal’s Gourmet Food Market optimize their inventory assortment using omni-channel data points

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    Ulta Beauty uses ML models to accurately predict the delay and quantity of the products

Thrive Amidst Disruptions and Uncertainty

Tap into your enterprise data like never before. Utilize Generative AI for actionable insights, that let you spot trends, optimize inventory, and fine-tune operations.