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Pluto7 helped Tacori migrate their entire data warehouse in a cost-effective way

August 25 , 2020


The client is a leading jewelry design house and manufacturer based in California. A family legacy that started with pearls, kept innovating and expanding their specialization in precious stones and fine jewelry. With a team of expert artisans and business professionals, the client has fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry.   

Why We Chose Pluto7

Our expertise and solutions aligned clearly with our client’s vision and goals. Perfection and precision are infused in every aspect of their business. The client was looking for somebody who can solve their data challenge with precision, at scale, and at speed. They looked at Pluto7 and Google Cloud as industry experts who can safely migrate their data to a more robust platform so that they can unlock hidden value in their data and improve their decision making. 

Empowering Tacori with Data-Driven Solutions: Supported by Google Cloud Cortex Framework

When a business dominates the jewelry market for decades, it has the power to shape customer experiences and innovate faster. Therefore, the need to understand and analyze myriads of data that keep flowing in is increasing exponentially. 

Carving out an impressively unique design requires a lot of data analysis as creativity needs to match technology. 

Our customer had their entire data on Microsoft Nav 2009, a legacy system. And the problem with legacy systems is that it needs to be updated on a regular basis. As a result, this jewelry manufacturer could not afford to keep their ERP system updated with the latest version. 

They needed a platform that could support near real-time updates while still being cost-effective. In this case, Google Cloud was the perfect fit.

We took the following approach:

Building Data Foundation

To establish a centralized data foundation, we implemented a comprehensive solution leveraging Google Cloud Cortex Framework. This involved integrating data from disparate sources, including internal systems and external datasets, into a unified data repository. 

Our team of data experts developed the entire ETS system in a pythonic way, where ETL basics were used.

By implementing robust data governance practices, we ensured data quality, consistency, and compliance. The centralized data foundation provided a single source of truth, empowering Tacori to make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

Database Migration

As part of the solution approach, we facilitated a seamless and efficient migration of Tacori’s data from legacy databases to a modern, scalable, and cloud-based infrastructure using Cortex Framework. 

This involved careful planning, data mapping, and validation to ensure a smooth transition. The migration process enhanced data accessibility, improved performance, and reduced maintenance costs, enabling Tacori to leverage the full potential of their data assets.

Data Visualization Dashboards

To empower Tacori with actionable insights, we implemented robust data visualization capabilities using Google data studio. We designed intuitive and interactive dashboards and reports that transformed raw data into meaningful visual representations. 

This enabled Tacori’s stakeholders to gain real-time visibility into key performance indicators, trends, and patterns, facilitating data-driven decision-making across the organization. The data visualization solution enhanced understanding, collaboration, and enabled quick identification of opportunities and challenges.


The entire data was successfully migrated from a legacy system to Google Cloud, a robust and scalable platform. Custom-built data visualization helped this leading American jewelry design house and manufacturer to gain meaningful business insights for taking smart data driven business decisions. 


Enable Decision Intelligence Into Every Corner Of Your Product And Operations.

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Organization Name: TACORI


  • Data on the legacy system with no support from the provider.
  • Difficult to understand tabular real time reports


  • Successful data migration to Google Cloud, a robust and scalable platform
  • Custom-built visual dashboards that helped in making faster precise business decisions

Products Used

  • Cloud Scheduler
  • Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google BigQuery
  • Cloud Functions
  • Data Studio