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Top 5 tips for you must know about Google Workspace

May 12, 2021 | Divya Khare

Blog / Top 5 tips for you must know about Google Workspace

Work has changed itself in unprecedented ways, it is no longer a physical setup where you can go, sit and work at your desk, interactions are no more done in person but on video calls. Every work personal or official is digitalized. The official decisions are not impromptu over a cup of coffee. The use of technology is serving its purpose. 

The more you use technology, the less you will need to use paper. 

Schedule and track important deadlines

Google Sheets is the best option when it comes to organizing and keeping a track of tasks while working online. It gives you a provision to easily update your tasks list and assign it to any other member of your team. 

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Google Calendar additionally proves to be useful here, where each colleague can access and refresh their work status, or inform each other when there is an adjustment of cutoff times. At the point when you plan your gatherings in Calendar, there are likewise extra highlights to incorporate a short gathering plan or connect the venture plan to the occasion and request everybody’s update preceding the beginning of the gathering.

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Maintain, store and share content

You can store and deal with every one of your records (pictures, recordings, PDFs, or different archives) effectively utilizing Google Drive. Drive syncs your documents to the cloud so everybody can get the updated content on the site. The sharing features and availability in Drive additionally make it simple and secure to work together permitting you to set sharing permissions without any problem.

There is a provision of creating new documents right in your browser window instead of printing piles of handouts for your next training session. Simply draft and share the notes online using Google Docs, or share Sheets of Slides. The team can view the latest feedback and their views in real-time. 

Share resources among the team on an Internal Website

Yes, you read that right. You can keep track of your resources effectively and conveniently just the way you would want. What is Google Workspace? It is an easy space to keep all your resources in one place – now your teammates can stay away from the hassle of finding the apt resources no matter where they are located. 

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Create online forms for surveys

Google Forms can be easily used to create online forms and distribute them for event purposes, for example an online webinar, feedback survey post event, internal meeting feedback and much more. These forms are customisable as per your needs and requirements from bulleted answers to descriptions you can ask for anything. 

The most interesting part about these forms is that you can easily share it across to your prospects via a shareable web link or by generating a QR code. You can collect the responses in real time without having to wait for physical copies. The responses can be further summarised into charts to analyse the results. How convenient! Isn’t it?

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Train employees anytime, anywhere

Is your workspace distributed across the globe? Remote working culture is hampering your training processes. No worries, Google workspace design is such that you can easily fulfil your training needs virtually anywhere. It will save your travel expenses, cost of printing various documents and so much more. Meanwhile you can create a webpage on Google Sites to promote virtual onboarding as well.

In a nutshell, What is Google Workspace? It is a one stop solution for all your business needs. From collaboration to security, here is all that you need. 

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