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Optimise your Supply Chain with a Supply Chain Twin

September 23, 2021 | Divya Khare

Blog / Optimise your Supply Chain with a Supply Chain Twin

Organizations are facing an increased level of disruption and risks exposed within their global, regional and even domestic supply chains. Digital Twins are playing a leading role in building a resilient supply chain. Many of you are probably familiar with the term, ‘Digital Twin’. 

Digital Supply Chain Twin helps you to manage complex and global Supply Chain networks. It is a powerful capability that can benefit any supply chain across industries. Since supply chain planning typically involves a myriad of suppliers, channels, customers, and pricing systems, models quickly become large and potentially cumbersome, especially when spreadsheets are your primary tool for planning. Integrating a solution that uses real-time data allows you to plan more precisely and reduces the risk of stock-outs or overstocking. 

With Pluto7’s Supply Chain Twin Solution, your organization can conduct simulations and what-if modeling via a Simple, Intuitive ML models and dashboard that allows users to change different Supply Chain parameters and immediately see impact


Pluto7’s Supply Chain Twin solution optimising your Supply chain

Improves end to end visibility

Real time and historical data from multiple devices and systems can be gathered and analysed to get a deeper insight by the help of ML models, which can help in better decision making. Using a Supply Chain Twin teams get visibility to the unforeseen challenges, such as breakdowns, delay in shipments and much more. These challenges can be easily solved by applying planning in a box and responding promptly to these obstacles.

Accurate predictions

AI answers allow companies to collect facts from a couple of entities and functions (together with suppliers, customers, inventory, and production) in actual time and use it to make correct forecasts. Traditionally, forecasting doesn’t embrace real-time details and is alone based on historical data. However, with the employment of AI, the accuracy of forecasting has improved substantially, enabling executives to not simply plan higher, however also enhance efficiency.

Improving Production Efficiency by planning Supply Chain

AI tools and solutions facilitate in analyzing immense datasets in real time, leveling demand-supply gaps, designing production efficiently, programming manufactory activities effectively, and developing error-free SCM plans and strategy. 

Supplier management and relationship

AI solutions can be applied to investigate numerous datasets (such as delivery performance, audits, evaluations, and credit scores) and procure customised recommendations on provider relationship management. period and regular data on potential or existing suppliers can be accustomed to build interdependent relationships.

Warehouse Management

By employing AI driven solutions, both overstocking and understocking can be reduced. AI can help analyse datasets much faster eliminating errors that may creep in when analysis is done manually, leading to managing the inventory way more in advance and maintaining the shortage or excess accordingly. 

Agile Demand Planning

The most vital part of using Pluto7’s Supply chain twin solution is that it helps adjust the demand forecast more efficiently in real-time giving more visibility. You can balance your demand and transform your business needs to span the entire value chain. We can help you reimagine what forecast analytics can do.


Partner with Pluto7 to optimize your supply chain

An optimization initiative does not happen that easy but it is the need of the hour. Pluto7 has the ability to analyze complex supply chain network complications by multiple factors that interact with each other in such a manner as to defy attempts to arrive at optimized solutions easily. 

Do you want to improve your inventory management and accelerate your client deliveries? Are you looking for ways to boost your business profits while reducing costs? Pluto7 is amongst the top Google Cloud partners that leverages ML solutions to help customers build an optimized Supply Chain. With decades of experience in solving Supply Chain problems we understand our customers’ needs. 

Planning in a Box, Demand ML, and our 15+ GCP Smart Analytics marketplace solutions<span”> and Vertex AI.

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