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Google Cloud Cortex Framework launch aligned to Planning in a Box Supply Chain Twin

October 27, 2021 | Divya Khare

Blog / Google Cloud Cortex Framework launch aligned to Planning in a Box Supply Chain Twin

“Our customers’ need to rethink their supply chain and customer experience handling, has led to disruptive innovations that demand harnessing the power of data. Critical supply chain data in SAP and various Google Cloud data along with third party and community data needs to be combined to meet the new expectations of running the physical supply chain in near real time. Combining Google Cloud Cortex Framework with Planning in Box and Pluto7’s industry solutions, are allowing our customers to realize data insights value faster empowering their employees with the next generation supply chain intelligence with better decisions moving the needle.” Manju Devadas, CEO, Pluto7

Enterprises have their business operations embedded into the form of data in their ERP, like SAP, along with many internal and external systems. Understanding their customer journey requires integrating various data sets. A good digital transformation approach combines data intelligence using leading-edge technologies with established operations. This strategy can help you improve the efficiency of your supply chain while developing a vision for the future. 

Leveraging Google Cloud Cortex Framework is a step in an organization’s data driven transformation journey. It is a foundation of reference templates and content that help customers accelerate business outcomes with minimal risk, complexity, or cost. This framework helps bring SAP data along with various demand sensing data such as weather, trends, into Google BigQuery.  Pluto7’s Planning in a Box supply chain Twin solution leverages  Google Cloud Cortex Framework using  raw SAP data sets to bring intelligence into the enterprise business processes.  With Pluto7’s 15+ predefined solutions and deployment accelerators, you can get started with building and deploying apps quickly. Pluto7’s solutions and Google Cloud Cortex Framework bring the necessary SAP and non SAP data, robust visualizations and actionable insights using ML in one single deployment, thereby paving the way for a scalable digital transformation journey.

What is Google Cloud Cortex Framework?

cortex management

Providing the data foundation that includes  building blocks, templates and reference architectures for SAP environments is part of what Google Cloud Cortex Framework does; gives customers a packaged approach to accelerate value by reducing the overall time, complexity and costs to implement and maintain their data platform and environment.

  • BigQuery’s pre-defined data marts and change data capture processing scripts make it easier to ingest, analyze, and visualize big data. 
  • BigQuery ML templates are designed to give businesses the capabilities necessary to develop and implement machine-learning algorithms for various business scenarios.

“Pluto7 solutions provide customized offerings catering to each customer’s unique supply chain complexities. Planning in A Box is a solution that provides our customers a holistic view of their supply chain and helps them identify and address problems in real time. When combined with Google Cloud Cortex Framework, it offers a readily deployable intelligent supply chain capability”- Swaminath G, Head of Solutions Engineering, Pluto7

Benefits of Google Cloud Cortex Framework with Planning in a Box

There is a common question that we hear from our customers: “How do I get started?” Google Cloud Cortex Framework helps us to answer that. Google Cloud Cortex Framework can help customers customize their own specifications and provides multiple benefits by implementing an off-the-shelf approach:

  • Helps bring SAP data into BigQuery central repository faster. 
  • Accelerate business outcomes by delivering scenario-driven reference architecture and content that simplifies deployment and minimizes risk.
  • Pluto7’s Planning in a Box Twin solution allows users to enable business processes with AI intelligence leading to an optimized supply chain.
  • Use a data and analytics architecture that is adaptable to support the future needs of your organization. This strategy will help you identify and implement the technologies that will enable you to meet your business objectives in the future.

Pluto7’s Planning in a Box 2.0 is a Supply Chain Twin solution is a logical extension that is built considering every node of the supply chain offering real-time predictive analytics to forecast demand and manage inventory levels, to seamlessly collaborate with suppliers and gain value chain feedback. This flexible and intelligent service offers a digital replica of your physical supply chain landscape so that your business can create workflows with innovation and accuracy. It is an umbrella solution, enabling customers to easily tap into  data insights connecting processes right from marketing spend and sales, to supplier tracking, and inventory management to even gathering information from the physical world in motions like the vehicles for usage pattern

With Pluto7’s expertise in implementing  AI driven solutions, organisations can easily implement Google Cloud Cortex Framework that aligns with the Supply Chain Twin enabled with Planning in a box. We can help you seamlessly integrate with your existing technology tools and legacy environment.

Get started with PIAB 2.0 solutions and reduce risk, complexity, and cost.

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