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How to Tap into Hidden Supply Chain Insights in Your Existing ERP Data

January 29, 2024 | Premangsu B

Blog / How to Tap into Hidden Supply Chain Insights in Your Existing ERP Data

Supply chain disruptions, driven by external events and changing consumer demands, are creating significant challenges for businesses today. Traditional methods are proving inadequate in this new landscape. Pluto7 responds to these complexities with a suite of AI-driven platform solutions designed to transform supply chain disruptions into opportunities for growth.

Our approach is granular, focusing on specific needs through three distinct platforms:

  • CX Sense: Merges ERP data with Salesforce for dynamic pricing and optimal product mix, aligning inventory with actual demand.
  • Planning in a Box: Synthesizes data from SAP/Netsuite/Oracle ERP to optimize inventory management.
  • Konnect Manufacturing: Connects diverse factory data with our Manufacturing Data Engine to enhance product quality and production efficiency.

Each platform targets a different aspect of supply chain management, ensuring a comprehensive solution. This multi-platform approach stems from our belief in addressing challenges with precision.

These platforms cater to various organizational roles:

  • Demand Planners can utilize 250+ external signals for sharper forecasting accuracy, leading to more informed stock and distribution decisions.
  • Supply Chain Managers can make real-time inventory decisions, like rapid adjustments in response to market shifts or logistical changes.
  • Marketing and Sales Teams can access deeper insights beyond CRM data for ad personalization and strategic decision-making based on real-time market trends.

Pluto7’s deep understanding of ERP and the Google Cloud ecosystem enables us to tackle challenges like transforming SAP data for predictive maintenance and providing real-time inventory visibility through Oracle apps.

Traditional Data Transformation Projects Take Months. Our Approach Takes 4 Weeks. 

What sets Pluto7 apart is our approach to data transformation projects. While traditional projects can take months or even years, our use-case-driven strategy using our flexible decision intelligence platforms allows for rapid delivery. This approach ensures that businesses can start seeing tangible value and results in as little as four weeks.

Our platforms are highly adaptable, allowing businesses to start with a specific use case and scale up as needed. This scalability and flexibility have made us a preferred partner for over 400 companies worldwide, including renowned brands like Levi’s, ABInBev, and Ulta Beauty.

As we continue to evolve our platforms and challenge the status quo, we remain committed to bringing innovation to every layer of the supply chain.  Our straightforward, focused approach cuts through complexity, delivering clear, efficient solutions for modern supply chain challenges. We’re dedicated to integrating cutting-edge innovation into every aspect of the supply chain, ensuring our customers are always at the forefront of efficiency and effectiveness.

Join us to see how Pluto7 transforms ERP data into actionable insights. Our workshop offers a practical look at evolving from isolated decision processes to a comprehensive decision intelligence framework, making AI an operational reality in supply chain management.


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