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Google Cloud Endorses Pluto7’s Gen AI Capabilities at Next ’24

April 11, 2024 | Zeeshan Aga

Blog / Google Cloud Endorses Pluto7’s Gen AI Capabilities at Next ’24

Google Cloud Next ’24 has been a revelation for the cloud community. Among a bunch of innovative features set to redefine the technological landscape in the coming months, one announcement stands out for us at Pluto7: the spotlight on our Generative AI solutions by the Google Cloud team. This recognition is not just an endorsement; it’s a testament to the impactful solutions we’ve been delivering to our clients.

“One of our biggest achievements has been our ability to deploy Generative AI-powered decision intelligence platforms in less than four weeks. This rapid deployment means our customers can quickly see the value and effectiveness of a platform that addresses their immediate needs and is scalable, ready to grow and evolve with them as they uncover new use cases and opportunities.”
– Manju Devadas, CEO, Pluto7 

A captivated full-house audience at Google Cloud Next, attentively listening to Manju Devadas’s breakout session on transforming SAP data.

What Makes Pluto7’s Generative AI Solutions Stand Out

In a marketplace teeming with options, our Gen AI decision intelligence platforms carve a niche by being:

  • Laser-focused on Simplicity: Our approach enables customers to engage with their data directly and conversationally. Our innovative platform drastically reduces the time spent on data cleaning, setting up pipelines, writing SQL codes, or analyzing data, allowing businesses to focus more on strategy and less on the grunt work.

Here’s a quick demo of how a Gen AI voice bot can answer your mission-critical business questions in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

  • Laser-focused on Speed: Pluto7’s decision intelligence platforms don’t drag their feet. We’re up on your cloud in less than 4 weeks, solving real problems, while many of the big players take months and still end up delivering applications that do not solve the core issues. We’ve deployed our solutions worldwide, proving time and again that fast can also be reliable and tailored to what you actually need.
  • Laser-focused on Delivering End Customer Value: Our methodology involves deep inspection of the customers’ data infrastructure, creating a data foundation, and deploying a single use case first. This ensures customers see tangible ROI benefits with one use case before moving to the next.

Unsure How to Plan Your Gen AI Journey? Join Us for a Workshop

Embarking on a Generative AI journey can be challenging without the right guidance to handhold you through it. We bring a unique combination of people, technology, and domain expertise to help you lay a clear, actionable roadmap tailored to your business needs. Join us for a comprehensive workshop where we demystify Gen AI and lay out a clear, actionable roadmap tailored to your business needs. Whether you’re just starting or looking to scale your existing AI initiatives, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Zeeshan Aga, CMO of Pluto7, brings a deep understanding of supply chain, retail, and manufacturing to his role. He develops and executes innovative marketing strategies that drive business growth and enhance customer satisfaction. He is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of AI/ML tools for marketing excellence and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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