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Kain Sosa joins Pluto7

as Vice President Channels and Direct Sales

Jan 03, 2023 — Pluto7 is thrilled to welcome Kain Sosa as its Vice President of Channels and Direct Sales. Kain brings over two decades of analytics and leadership experience to Pluto7. His extensive experience will be instrumental in helping us build a resilient sales team, nurture stronger partner relationships, and ensure customer success.

Before joining Pluto7, Kain gained expertise by successfully helping global organizations across every major vertical and analytics solution provider. Kain has an EMBA from Cal State San Bernardino and BS from UCSD.

In one of his previous roles, he successfully established and grew a boutique healthcare consulting company and generated sales revenue of more than $2.5M in the first year alone. He has tremendous experience and exposure in identifying, implementing, and adopting typical global data architecture and toolsets. He has an in-depth understanding of the startup ecosystem and is proficient in leading startups to the path of revenue success. As a strategic leader, Kain has vast exposure working with businesses of all sizes across the globe spanning different verticals. We are excited to have Kain onboard and look forward to the contributions he will make to accelerate our growth story further.

About Pluto7

Pluto7 is a domain-centric data cloud platform solution and services provider that delivers strategic business outcomes through tech innovations. Pluto7 solves global-scale data problems by leveraging the combined effect of data management and platform engineering while ensuring security and data governance. Pluto7 services and AI solutions deliver innovation and intelligence to build a data-driven future. Pluto7 delivers innovation to the data value chain by organizing data from siloed systems and building AI and ML solutions for planning, analysis, and decision-making.