Elevating the virtual experience for In Store Retail and Supply Chain customers on Google Cloud

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Pluto7 helped customers to build demos using Google for Google’s Executive Briefing Center (EBC), for the Retail and Supply Chain Vignettes. Demos demonstrate how Google Solutions can change the Retail shopping experience and supply chain landscape.

Why Pluto7?

Pluto7, a Google Cloud Premium Partner, solves global-scale problems leveraging Smart Analytics in a simplistic way, ensuring security and data governance. Our services and AI solutions deliver innovation and intelligence to build a data-driven future with Digital Twin. Pluto7 is among the top 1% of Google Cloud partners for AI worldwide having the highest Google ML specializations. We have worked with multiple industries, and have experience in understanding the needs of the customer.


The Retail vignette demos built by Pluto7 showcase future state Omnichannel Retail shopping experience using Google Solutions like Vision AI, and real time recommendations using ML. The demos demonstrate how data can be used to track shopper behavior, provide custom recommendations, product movement in store, and store planogram suggestions based on visitor movement overlaid with product movement, and environmental conditions for products safety in real time.

Here are the supply chain analytics dashboards:

  1. Demand Shaping
  2. Inventory Positioning
  3. Perfect Fulfillment
  4. Warehouse visibility
  5. AI Infleet Routing
  6. Sustainability Overview
  7. Risk and Financial Scoring
  8. Risk and Impact Assessment
  9. Supply Chain Digital Twin


The Retail demos built by Pluto7 demonstrate how Google Solutions can improve the shopping experience for Retail customers across site, in-store or app. 

The supply chain demos built by Pluto7 demonstrate how Google’s digital Supply Chain solutions can help build resilient and sustainable supply chains.

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  • The customer requested demos using Google Cloud capabilities as they were looking for a way to elevate their virtual experience for Retail and Supply Chain customers who are in stores.


  • Built an accurate model for predicting delay in delivery with the accuracy of 72%
  • Built a very high accurate model for use case 2 (predicting received quantity) with an accuracy of 88%.

Products Used

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Networking Services
  • Operation Services
  • CI/CD
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence

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