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Worldwide leader in IT and networking used reduce time to generate sales quotes from weeks to minutes

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“We were extremely happy with the services we received from Pluto7. Their expertise in helping document our processes has given us the ability to identify our transformational opportunities.”

-Head of Sales Operation Team



This client is the world’s largest networking company. The global corporation, based in San Jose, California, develops, manufactures, and sells networking, telecommunications and other equipment as well as security and other services. They are growing their datasets by about 5TB a week. Also, sometimes they have the need to scale an application from 50 to 5,000 users in just a few days.

Why We Chose Pluto7

As one of the early leaders in technology, this enterprise grew from a Silicon Valley networking company into a global enterprise offering a variety of technologies and services. Like any savvy enterprise today, the leadership team understands the importance of delivering the best possible customer experience – especially in the sales and renewal discussion – to stay ahead of the competition.

With those objectives in mind, this IT and networking leader partnered with us at Pluto7 to leverage Google Cloud Platform to transform this data analytics and validation from a weeks-long process to something much, much shorter. With Pluto7’s expertise in Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we were able to identify the right Google solutions and quickly develop a Proof of Concept.


Not surprisingly, this technology leader already had an internal, on-premise big data platform, a large IT team and data warehouses in place. However, the team still followed six sets of manual steps to ensure the validation of the install base information. And, given the large amount of information that needed to be analyzed, this meant the entire process took 3-4 weeks to completely analyze the large installbase. Ultimately, this meant Sales had to wait almost a month before sending a quote to their customer, and any changes requested by Sales in the process would result in this cycle being repeated.

We helped our customer by complementing their existing on-premises infrastructure with cloud-based data platform. Using Google BigQuery to quickly analyze large datasets about customers Install Bases, we developed a platform that can scale quickly for analysis and also set the stage for future use of Advanced Analytics (such as machine learning). The POC demonstrated that the entire validation process could be completed in minutes, delivering an easy to use output report that enabled speedy disposition of validation results.


We demonstrated how the large install base analytics could be analyzed by providing verification on the validity of install base items and throwing out as exceptions those that did not meet the criteria. The entire validation process could be completed in minutes, delivering an easy to use output report that enabled speedy disposition of validation results.

We also built an intuitive user interface using App Engine to make everything more straightforward for all the users. The resulting simplicity and speed of obtaining the install base validation means the Service Provider team can deliver more rapid and accurate information to the sales team. This, in turn, leads to rapid and accurate renewals quotes.


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Platform Demand-ml| Sales-ml


  • Manual processes for analyzing data collected from the Large Install Bases slowing validation results to 3-4 weeks.
  • Slow turnaround limiting the Sales team’s ability to deliver a renewal quote for customers.
  • Manual processes introducing errors into analysis, causing issues with customers.


  • Reduced time to results from 3-4 weeks to less than 50 minutes for each Large Install Base Analysis.
  • Enables sales team to proactively send renewal quotes to customers instead of reacting to customer requests.
  • Eliminates errors that cause customer satisfaction issues through automation.

Products Used

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • App Engine
  • Google Cloud Dataprep / Dataflow
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud Storage