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Pluto7 along with Google Cloud Platform helped the customer to be able to forecast 80% accuracy in the packaging of boxes

“Pluto7 helped us optimize our warehouse management, enabling machine learning and AI to forecast demand. Our team was able to gain further interactive insights into demand patterns, forecast roll-ups and drill downs. As a result, we can accurately predict the package material needed and the warehousing costs.”

                                                                                  – Mohammed Balwa, CEO, FulFill Plus


The client offers a wide range of Fulfillment, warehousing, order processing, kitting, assembly and shipping services. They are a single source supplier for all services related to delivering products to the clients in a timely and cost efficient manner. Centrally located on the Gulf Coast, near the Port of Houston, they are ideally situated to handle large and small clients that manufacture in the United States or import products from as far away as China and India to reach their clients efficiently. Their technology assists in tailoring a process to work with your existing order entry system and most e-commerce web hosting services or to design a custom process. 


Why did they choose Pluto7?

Pluto7 is a tech-enabled Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics services company with domain expertise in retail, manufacturing, hi-tech, automotive and healthcare verticals. Pluto7 possesses unique capabilities by leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics on Google Cloud. Pluto7 is among the top 1% of Google Cloud partners for AI worldwide having the highest Google ML specializations. They have worked with multiple industries, and have experience in understanding the needs of the customer.



Pluto7 helped the customer in their Packaging Boxes Forecasting using the best breed of products of “Google Cloud Platform” specifically tailored for the customer. The customer did not have a data driven model/system in place for the forecast of packaging boxes. To overcome this problem it was important for them to be moved to Google Cloud Platform. This was why Pluto7 came in the picture and assisted the client to shift their setup to Google Cloud Platform and helped them throughout this journey as GCP was an entire new world for them. 


The objective of this was to build a machine learning/Statistical model in place for the forecast of packaging boxes that were to be used in packing the items in the customer’s warehouse. Pluto7, a Google Cloud premium partner, helped the customer to leverage the platform that included data driven decision making for their business. 



The data as managed by the team at Pluto7 was used to be uploaded to the Cloud Storage bucket in the respective GCP project. The team was focused to identify the missing values, cleansing, and structuring the raw data. This forecast of packaging boxes was saved in BigQuery with visualizations done on DataStudio. Using Google Cloud Platform we were able to forecast 80% accuracy in the packaging of boxes.


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  • The client did not have a data driven Model/System in place to forecast packaging of boxes
  • Google Cloud Platform was an entirely new setup for the customer


  • The team successfully migrated the complete data of the customer on Google Cloud Platform.
  • The best suited machine learning models were tailored built for the customer.
  • The forecasting confirmed was 80% accurate.

Products Used

  • BigQuery
  • Cloud Storage
  • AI Platform