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Pluto7 helped ROVA in formulating a use case by utilizing its AI/ ML Expertise


ROVA is a technology platform based in Boston and Seattle, with availability across the US. Founded in 2016, ROVA has begun to transform the future of on-demand deliveries. Their vision is to maintain a technology platform that directly connects independent drivers with the customers for same day delivery on a global basis.

Why Pluto7?

Pluto7 solves global-scale problems leveraging Smart Analytics in a simplistic way, ensuring security and data governance. Our services and AI solutions deliver innovation and intelligence to build a data-driven future. Pluto7 works exclusively on Google Cloud. We are experts in Smart Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI on Google Cloud. Our services and solutions deliver innovation and intelligence to build a data-driven future. 


The key challenge that the company is facing with drivers. Rova is looking for a solution on Google Cloud Platform, leveraging various services including AI and ML to predict the optimized route solution and density of the drivers at different locations over the period of upcoming week using historical data as well as predict the acceptance rate for the upcoming week. 


Pluto7 analyzed the current challenges and helped ROVA in use case formulation, and suggested what solutions to build, during the 2 weeks of the discovery phase. Also provided implementation guidance and advice on  AI/ML expertise

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Organization Name: ROVA


  • Extracting data manually from different sources
  • Managing POS planning process manually
  • Maintaining privacy for the users and creating a user friendly interface


  • Develop the critical piece of code as per the need
  • Test the code to make sure the validity and accuracy based on the need
  • Access to make changes in the data was restricted

Products Used

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Big Query
  • Vertex AI Notebooks
  • Google Map APIs
  • Google Route APIs
  • Google Cortex
  • Looker