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Cloud technology is transforming the way enterprises do business. Marketing is no exception. Digital marketing is the new norm and marketers are constantly under pressure to cut through the noise, influence sales, and increase the bottom line.

Data is Stuck in Silos 

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What is the biggest challenge that Marketers face today? Data Silos. 

Data about your customers like who they are, what they do, what they purchase, and how they think, is crucial information. Capturing that data is the easy part. Making sure that data works together to fully paint the customer profile is difficult, and predicting what that customer will do next and taking actions ahead of time to capture that value seems impossible. But companies are doing it!  

It is common for data to be separated into silos within different applications and software. CRM systems, ad campaigns, billing info, email management, social media, customer service, and content marketing are all separate and the data that is captured is separate. Putting these reports together and analyzing them together is usually a manual task full of human bias and error. 

Imagine all of your marketing data centralized in the cloud being analyzed together. What if you could understand the full customer journey, predict marketing outcomes, and personalize your customer’s experience simultaneously with the data you already have. 

Harness the Power of Customer Data

marketing data insighjts

Customers have different needs at the various levels of the marketing funnel. This requires unique messaging, and specific marketing activities for each level and each customer. This is what you can achieve with Google Cloud for Marketing:

  • Market to the customer segments that have the highest value and ROI. 
  • Actively engage with leads based on their intent and interest level. 
  • Quantify the value of leads and pass them to sales seamlessly. 
  • Find and cross-sell opportunities to ensure that customers are engaged and happy.

Cloud For Marketing (C4M) is a platform that allows you to optimize the entire marketing funnel leveraging the power of machine learning. Pluto7 has partnered with Google Cloud to build unique machine learning (ML) solutions to address your pain points and leverage the power of Google Cloud Platform’s centralization. 

Market to the customer segments that have the highest value and ROI. Actively engage with leads based on their intent and interest level. Quantify the value of leads and pass them to sales seamlessly. Find and cross-sell opportunities to ensure that customers are engaged and happy. 

The key to success is analysis and activation. Analysis using machine learning allows you to create meaning from your data and measure performance. Activation is the data derived recommendations for the execution of everyday marketing tasks. Cloud for Marketing allows you to do all of that and more.  

How it Works

Collect, Transform, Analyze, Visualize, and Activate your data. 

In most companies, many different tools are used simultaneously which are often complex, expensive and difficult to manage. If your data is not updated frequently, it is hard to make the right decisions. Importing and exporting data is time-consuming and tedious.

A suite of solutions in Google Cloud allows you to overcome these obstacles and realize the full value of your customer data. Once your data is centralized, Pluto7 can implement smart analytics and machine learning models to help and guide you through digital transformation. We specialize in helping our customers customize their data strategy based on specific marketing objectives. By allowing you to use your data effectively, and visualize it with informative reports that can be easily shared across your organization, better decisions are made faster. 

Cloud for Marketing allows you to connect your data, enrich it, analyze it, model it, and share it. The future is here and Google and Pluto7 are already proving that these solutions work. 

Marketing Outcomes You Can Count On

When you have a comprehensive overview of your customers and insights into their behavior, it is easier to use what you know about them to influence consideration through tailored messaging in your marketing campaigns. It allows you to react at the right time and drive purchases by connecting with your customers when they show intent to buy. Cloud leverages your CRM data to reach its full potential to drive repeatable purchases and increase your customer base’s loyalty. The possibilities are endless with Cloud for Marketing. 

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