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Helpful and Human: G Suite’s Vision for Your Future Workspace

August 4, 2020 | Divyansh Meena

Blog / Helpful and Human: G Suite’s Vision for Your Future Workspace

Customer is the king, but collaboration is the key: 

Your team members are like different pieces of a complex machine called “Organization”. All these wonderful and smart (smarter than AI) components need to work together in harmony to deliver business success. Any glitch in their collaboration or functionality can potentially bring the entire machine to a complete halt. 

According to Google Cloud 85% of employees are often disengaged, costing trillions in lost productivity. Regular IT issues, unnecessary calls & emails, excessive emails and many redundant unproductive work pulls your team in a swamp of remote working operational issues. With cloud technology, all these issues can be solved. 

Today, the current market landscape pushes us to innovate and adapt to the remote working culture, and GSuite helps you work faster, smarter and more collaboratively. 

GSuite, the “the future of collaboration & productivity” can give back 21 days per user per year in time savings. 

G Suite’s Vision for Your Future Workspace

Transform the way teams work:

Gone are the days where even a small change in the document had to be communicated via email or required a phone call. With the advent of fast growing startups, we are in an era where speed of execution matters a lot. Fast execution is a critical aspect when it comes to surviving and growing in a highly competitive ecosystem.

According to Forrester, “Automation will create 14.9 million new jobs—and transform 85% of existing ones—by 2027”. GSuite by Google Cloud is exactly what you need for transforming the way your employees work and teams collaborate.

Deliver faster and work together: 

A larger team can provide diverse inputs and transform that report or presentation into the best one. However, the challenge with multiple team members working on the same document is that there will be multiple changes and suggestions. In a physical setting it was still not a big hassle, as everybody could fit in a conference hall to discuss. But remote working makes it next to impossible for everyone to work on one piece of document. G Suite is built on Google Cloud, which makes it easier than ever to work together on the same document at the same time, from anywhere in the world, and from any device. 

Have a 24*7 available AI assistant: 

G Suite is brewed in Google’s leading AI and search technology, that gives you an assistant that would correct minor flaws in your written content, and the in-built “Explore” feature brings the capabilities of search engines in your documents, helping you increase your productivity. On top of it, Google Assistant integrations let you manage your meetings and schedule on the go. 

Stay protected with safety standards of Google: 

Banks, financial institutions, and payment wallets have moved to Google Cloud, which can be translated in only one way – “ Google’s data safety protocols are the best in the class”. By blocking 99.9% of spam and phishing emails, G Suite not only saves your organization data but also assures your team that their personal and financial information is safe too. Creating a stress free virtual working environment for them. A point to note here is that there have been “ZERO” detected account hijackings so far. 

Why shake hands with Google Cloud?

With or without knowing we all have been leveraging the power of cloud technologies in our everyday lives now. It is undeniable that Google is a leader in data management and analytics, but it has not given up the throne when it comes to cloud either. The benefits of being on Google Cloud can be innumerable but today let us discuss about top 3 benefits: 

Data is the new oil and so it shall be protected: 

Your data is your intellectual property, it is the mine of fortunes for your business, which makes it critical for you to protect  it. With state-of-the-art security standards Google, has been efficiently protecting the data for about 15 years now. With Google Cloud you can be focused on your business and be less stressed about your data security. 

The partner ecosystem:

Getting your data on the cloud is one thing but driving intelligence and tangible benefits from it is another. With Google Cloud, you also gain access to a wide network of skilled partners like Pluto7 that enable integrations, build custom ML models for you, and really hand hold you through your cloud and transformation journey. 

A powerful global network: 

A private network spread globally and connected data centres. With Google Cloud you are accessing not just the internet but their backbone network, it is blazing fast, as mentioned by Will Shulman,Co-Founder of MongoLab. 

Google Workspace(G Suite) foundation for business success

Your first step to collaboration and cloud:

Your first step towards your cloud journey can be overwhelming, but that is where we come in. 

Pluto7 being a Google Cloud Premier partner and winner of Partner of the Year award for Data & Analytics 2019 . Companies of any size or any data volume can begin their cloud journey today. 

We are here to guide you through your cloud and would love to first understand where exactly you are in that journey, so feel free to contact us.