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You are already using AI, you just don’t know it

October 1, 2020 | Divya Khare

Blog / You are already using AI, you just don’t know it

According to a survey conducted by HubSpot on over 1400 consumers globally about AI, they discovered that 63% of people don’t realize they are already using AI technologies. AI is slowly paving its way in every nook and slit of modern life. From choosing the best music for you to helping you tag your friends on Facebook, it is beginning to take over the basic interactions that you make in life. Not just the common people but the NASA researchers and Material scientists are also diving into the use of technology for scientific inventions and explorations. 

The term artificial intelligence might sound huge but it has been in use for decades and coming to its applications they are more common than you can ever imagine. Think of searching something on Google, you get recommendations while you type. That’s AI. Search for music on YouTube, you start getting similar music tracks in your playlist. That’s AI. Talk about your favorite Siri or Cortana or Alexa, all of these work with AI. Basically, AI is assisting in every area of our lives.  

How artificial intelligence improves your experience?

There are so many ways artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to influence our everyday lives. Know how!  AI aids in almost every area, whether we’re trying to read our emails, get directions on maps while driving, get movie or music recommendations, get message recommendations in chats and so much more.  Enumerating some day-to-day activities that are assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

Social Media

AI makes it easy for users to communicate and locate their friends and business associates.

  • Chatbots: The chatbots concede words and phrases to perceive the customer’s requirement. Sometimes, chatbots are so accurate that it seems as if you are talking to a real person. Here is the case study on how Pluto7 and Google Cloud helped  India’s largest construction company improve the productivity of project engineers by using Google Assistance.
  • LinkedIn: Artificial intelligence is used behind the scenes to help match the candidates to jobs with the aim of fabricating better employee-employer matches. It can also help you find connections in your similar domains and widen your business network.
  • Twitter: From helping enhance user experience to brawling inappropriate or racist content, Twitter has started using Artificial Intelligence to amplify its product. It processes chunks of data through various networks to understand users’ preferences. 
  • Instagram: The very important aspect that Instagram uses with respect to artificial intelligence and big data is to target advertising and fighting cyberbullying by deleting offensive comments. As the user interaction is growing on the platform, AI is playing a prime role to augment the user experience.

Digital Assistants  

The artificial intelligence-powered digital assistants have gained considerable attention in recent years. These are software programs using specific hardware like a smart speaker. Taking directions from the users, they find information and perform the tasks. 

Voice recognition helps the digital assistants to demonstrate the authenticity of the user. The AI capability, which is voice-enabled “Natural Language Processing” assists in understanding the voice request and in return helps them to respond back to users after gathering information. These intelligent assistants use the user’s personal data exploring their usage history and use machine learning to process this information and derive useful patterns.

A number of organizations have several repetitive tasks in their daily workflows. Many of them have already implemented rule-based automation solutions. AI-based intelligent virtual assistants can take this automation to a higher level with ML algorithms studying the patterns of repetitive tasks and extrapolate the best ways to perform those tasks.  

Mobile Banking

Artificial intelligence is used by many banks to customize their user’s mobile banking experience. There have been automation processes that are leading to an exponential growth in the banking sector. Better data sets can be enriched with data collection using the AI systems. This way when the customers interact the next time with chatbot then the system can evolve to understand the issues the customers are facing and answer better making the complete banking experience more user-friendly. 

Google Maps

Over a billion kilometers are driven on google maps each day in more than 200 countries across the globe. When people use maps to navigate, build-up location data can be used to predict the traffic conditions on the roads all over the world. The google maps use the predictive traffic models to determine these traffic routes and understand the road conditions that might have unexpected changes. 


Whether we know it or not, but AI is driving our lives and making it way easier than we really think. Product recommendations on online stores is another example that helps us choose the best product for ourselves. Look for the criteria once and you get all the similar suggestions available. Smart typing recommendations in Gmail is the most convenient and considerate option. In nutshell, AI is making our lives efficient by increasing the possibility of learning and reasoning by machines without the interventions of humans.


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