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Marketing Search: Revamping Business Strategies

October 31, 2020 | Divya Khare

Blog / Marketing Search: Revamping Business Strategies

The art of being astute is to understand the significance of searching for apt data by using digital transformation.

How much time does a knowledge worker spend searching for relevant information?

Do knowledge workers waste their time searching for valuable information? There is no doubt that the information present on the internet is colossal and data being the lifeblood of digital transformation, the data workers take an extended time to filter the relevant information. As per the data by IDC (International Data Corporation), “a knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, which accounts for almost 30% of the workday in searching for information.” 

In 2018, Nintex conducted a survey in the Definitive Guide to America’s Most Broken Processes. The survey comprised of 1000 U.S. full-time employees across industries and departments that showed the following findings,

  • 49% said that they have trouble locating documents.
  • 43% face problems with document approval requests
  • 33% struggle with document versioning.

The above data clearly shows how much time a professional devotes in searching for the right and insightful information, not being sure about how much of that information would be used by them. 

Gartner has quoted in their report, “Improve Search to Deliver Insight” (published in May 2017, refreshed in Oct 2018), “At their zenith of performance, search engines surface relevant content when, where and how employees need it. Minimizing the effort required to achieve this maximizes the value of the business.” As per a report by Internetlivestats in 2019, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. Breaking down this research, it means that google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on an average. 

Pointing to the difference between “search” and “smart search”, Pluto7 has made its way to tailoring a guideline for enterprises facing troubles in managing their time and using the chunks of data that they have gathered.

Seven step search methodology by Pluto7

Is there a better way to filter your search? Can the relevancy of any information be checked? To answer these questions I would say, Yes. All this can be done by Marketing search which works similar to Google Search. 

Pluto7 has built a new form of search which is called “Pluto7 Search Methodology” (P7SM) to assist the customers to reduce their labor consumed in searching for the information, helping businesses access insights, and simplify the decision making process. 

Scope of Search

The source comprising the need and intent of that particular information makes it easy and convenient to filter the right information. 

Source Data Identification

Identification is done on the basis of the information that is created from internal and external sources. The sources can include past campaigns, content, product details, price, contacts and others that can be easily accessed with the help of marketing search.

Roles and Functions

The marketing search engine focuses on the users, their intent for the search, and the results of the information achieved. The intent of the search will depend upon the role of the user searching for that particular material. 

Cloud-Enabled Foundation

The foundation of the cloud stands upon four key factors, flexibility, performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. The data is always getting piled up with each search that you make. This data should be easily accessible and secure. 

Search Layer Interface UI

The current application is enabled by the user’s prior experience. This will make the workflow simple and efficient and will also save the time of the team from repetitive learning about the new tools. 

Digital Twin to Manage Search Results

Where Google has become synonyms to Search, to have a marketing agent that takes up the charge to provide real-time data enables the business to grow and expand positively. This is made possible by AI models that act as a digital twin, working alongside the search engines.

Analyze the Search Outcomes

New research, new data, and new refined results, that is how the marketing search works. The improvements in the search engine are directly proportional to the impact on the business front. However, a management mechanism is to be changed to use technological transformations adequately.  


Organizations are integrating with digital technologies in all aspects starting from the operations to the delivery value to the customers. Having a real-time search scenario at an enterprise-level might look mosaic but in real terms, it isn’t. If Google can help you access tonnes of information, let your organization experience that best of digital transformation. 

In this digitally revolutionizing world, it is imperative for the organization to not only adapt the technology but use it efficiently in growth and development of the business. P7SM is a complete solution to enable the businesses to show some effectiveness across the different functions. Lead your organization to smart searches by Pluto7’s Seven Step Search Methodology. 

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