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Remodelling Healthcare industry using AI/ML Solutions

November 9, 2020 | Divya Khare

Blog / Remodelling Healthcare industry using AI/ML Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly an assured transformational force for the healthcare industry. It is increasingly setting up parameters in digital transformation and is well equipped to generate value and influence all aspects of an organization. The multifaceted nature and ascent of information in medical services imply that artificial intelligence (AI) will progressively be applied inside the field. A few sorts of AI are as of now being utilized by payers and suppliers of care, and life sciences organizations. The key classifications of uses include determination and treatment suggestions, patient engagement and adherence, and managerial activities. 

Artificial Intelligence is a blend of innovations

Artificial intelligence isn’t one innovation, but instead an assortment of them. The vast majority of these advancements have quick importance to the medical care field, however the particular cycles and assignments they uphold shift generally. AI offers various favourable circumstances over the customary investigation and clinical dynamic procedures. Learning algorithms can turn out to be more exact and precise as they communicate with preparing information, permitting people to acquire exceptional insights into diagnostics, care measures, treatment fluctuation, and patient results. There are various uses of AI available today or anticipating approval that can improve patient care and possibly save lives. Those applications include pattern recognition, NLP, and robotics, which incorporates speech recognition and interpretation. 

The most complex type of machine learning includes deep learning or neural organization models with factors that anticipate results. There might be a thousand concealed highlights in such models, which are revealed by the fastest processing of the present graphic handling units and cloud structures. Typical utilization of deep learning in medical care is the acknowledgement of potentially cancerous sores in radiology pictures. 


AI/ML solutions to fuel up the work cycle

Pluto7 is a Google Cloud Premier Partner specialized in deploying accelerated solutions and custom applications in smart analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Having served a number of clients from various industries we have gained experience in leveraging machine learning and AI-driven tools. Citing our journey with one of our clients who are a large private university and academic medical center. They cumulatively conduct more than 200 clinical trials every year. With strong research programs in cancer, neuroscience, biomedical imaging, stem cells, and more their goal is to understand the diseases and create better therapies and standards for the patients. 

Given that the local population around the client’s location was wide, it was challenging for them to understand the results of their new research around the total population as the treatment could be applied only to one segment. They wanted to aim the rest of the population of LA to be involved in research and see the results effectively. We, at Pluto7, created process workflows and uploaded the data to start with the exploratory analysis.  We used OCR for extraction and created the document pipeline implementing natural language processing on the same for pattern extraction. All of this could be easily achieved by leveraging the data using Machine learning and Artificial intelligence capabilities which helped them reduce the average cycle time for clinical trials and speeding up the process. 

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USC Healthcare cut down processing time for clinical trials by 75% using Machine Learning and Google Cloud Vision

Using Machine Learning to improve the processing of physician’s authorizations- leading to increased productivity and higher member satisfaction

Artificial intelligence is all set to enable new communication ideas by creating a bridge between technology and the human brain directly impacting the significant applications for some patients. There has been extensive thoughtfulness regarding the worry that AI will prompt automation of jobs and considerable relocation of the workforce. As far as jobs are concerned, there have been no positions killed by AI in healthcare services. The restricted attack of AI into the business, and the trouble of coordinating AI into clinical work processes and EHR frameworks, have been to some degree answerable for the absence of employment sway.

Pluto7 has been awarded as the Partner of the year 2019 by Google for Data & Analytics. With rich experience in analysis and solving complex projects leading them to confident conclusions, our team has delivered predictive analytics solutions for fortune 500 companies. Therefore, we are looked upon as the most reliable Google Cloud Partners for tech-based solutions that include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud solutions. 

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