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Benefits of Choosing Pluto7 over Other Partners for Google Workspace Solution

July 23, 2021 | Suraj Bawane

Blog / Benefits of Choosing Pluto7 over Other Partners for Google Workspace Solution

Google Workspace is a cloud computing platform with corporate email solutions for communication and collaboration tools such as Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Groups, Sites, Contacts, Calendar. Google guarantees 99.9% uptime

Benefits of choosing Pluto7 over other partners for Google Workspace services:

Requires that the user set a strong password.

Admins can already see which passwords are weak in their domains; Enabling this setting will allow administrators to force users with weak passwords to change them.

Pluto7 solves global-scale problems leveraging Smart Analytics in a simplistic way, ensuring security and data governance . Our services and AI solutions deliver innovation and intelligence to build a data-driven future.

We provide a wide range of post deployment / after sales services to help each of our customers maximize the value of their Google Workspace investment. We have provided Google trained and certified technical experts in Google Cloud Services and Data Analytics With Global presence, we take the time to make sure you get the ROI you want to your satisfaction. We believe in a long term relationship strategy, so we give our 100% to maintain our quality services.

Pluto7 works exclusively on Google Cloud. We know customers have a lot of data available, however, this data lies in Silos. Pluto7 helps the customers enable different Data Management processes and Smart Analytics framework to unify their data, move it to Google Cloud, and make it ready for AI & ML applications

Pluto7 provides Email Support, Remote desktop assistance, Phone support services – We provide various methodologie, just to ensure availability of support services for our customers.

Project Management Services – Pluto 7 retains skilled and knowledgeable project managers with wide experience in senior roles in Google Cloud deployment and upgrade projects across the globe . Our project management professionals are highly committed to delivering projects on time, within budget and with predictable results.

Pluto7’s Optimization Services for Google Workspace

Our certified experts help customers establish their company compliance in Google Workspace, such as content, attachments, object compliance, and more.

Change Management Services

Pluto7 has extensive knowledge and experience in the process of change management planning and execution for the Google Workspace product. Our transactional programs include both speed and agility. Our change management services are focused on the discipline of developing comprehensive and effective change strategies to meet the specific needs of clients and only end users to seamlessly migrate across the Google Workspace platform.

A no-code application development platform has recently announced brand new AI/ML intelligence features. This includes optical character recognition (OCR), as well as predictive model features. These enable users to accelerate data entry, statistically analyze data, and integrate machine learning (ML) processing capabilities into their apps.

The new OCR and predictive model capabilities further demonstrate how any business can easily embed AI and ML capabilities in intuitive software solutions to help increase productivity without the need for specialized developers or data scientists. “AppSheet empowers the business user to build and deploy apps that improve processes and increase productivity. Because no coding is required, business users can do it themselves without the need for expensive IT resources.

With AI/ML features, AppSheet can now use data-driven intelligence to deliver a better user experience and achieve greater productivity gains.

What’s new?

AppSheet’s new OCR feature allows users to access text or writing that appears in an image, eliminates data entry errors and accelerates data entry by automatically filling out forms from an image. Additionally, this update includes new predictive models that statistically analyze users’ app data. Through this analysis, models are able to make predictions about future outcomes based on the user’s historical data.

These new features build on AppSheet’s previously announced artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) features, including the device and smart assistant. These no-code app platforms have industry-first AI and NLP capabilities, and provide a user-friendly interface to users of all technical abilities. The platform combines NLP with data-driven learning, and interactively builds it in real time, figuring out what kind of app the user wants.

Our Happy Customers:

Few names of our Google Workspace existing happy customers across the globe.

  • InCred Capital Mumbai
  • DivyaSree Bangalore
  • GoodEdge Advisory Private Limited Mumbai

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