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Pluto7 Wins the “The 2021 Supply Chain Digital Transformation Award” by USC Marshall School

October 21, 2021 | Divya Khare

Blog / Pluto7 Wins the “The 2021 Supply Chain Digital Transformation Award” by USC Marshall School

USC Marshall and the Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute has been an ongoing pillar of inspiration and knowledge. Pluto7 is grateful and would like to thank the wonderful USC board members and the team that has recognized Pluto7 for this award. Our industry experience combined with the partnership with USC has allowed us to rethink the way supply chains work by utilizing technologies bringing visibility and intelligence to our customers. It was indeed a great experience to work with such ignited individuals who are brimming with new ideas and approaches towards managing the supply chain challenges. Pluto7 is appreciative of the constant support and inspiration received from USC Marshall and the Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute and we look forward to continued growth and success.”

  – Manju Devadas, CEO of Pluto7

Innovation with Pluto7

We are happy to announce that Pluto7 has bagged the 2021 Supply Chain Transformation Award by USC Marshall School for bringing innovation in the Supply Chain space. At Pluto7, we have always believed that data foundational capabilities is a key component for enterprises that need instant supply chain visibility across every node in a network. Our flagship solution Planning in a Box 2.0 is a platform over a platform giving a single pane view to your supply chain operations starting from planning to sourcing, from inventory management to last mile delivery. 

Pluto7 is a digital supply chain transformation company that works with over 400 customers in different industries such as, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, CPG, Oil & Gas, and Healthcare. As a result, we have built a comprehensive suite of solutions that help our customers accelerate their journey toward digital transformation and operational excellence. With our 15+ point solutions on Google Cloud, we are bringing real innovation in the supply chain space by helping organisations focus on solving real business problems with our AI-driven solutions.  

Pluto7 is grateful to be in a space that encourages continuous innovation and growth. USC Marshall and The Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute share the same vision as Pluto7 by leveraging organizations to their highest potential and building agility for a stronger, data-driven tomorrow. 

USC Marshall School and the Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute have been a pillar for excellence and knowledge, offering the most robust and innovative solutions for large enterprises around the world. Pluto7 is glad to have received constant support and inspiration from the institute. This collaboration has always been great as it was a pleasure working with the ignited minds with new and innovative ideas bringing supply chain transformation by harnessing the power of AI/ML. 

The need for Digital Supply Chain transformation

Global Supply Chains are disrupted.

A shortage of shipping containers emerged, shipping rates for certain routes skyrocketed, congestion developed at international ports that then spread to railroads and inland rail terminals, aggravating the trucking and carriage shortage that was already in place. U.S. importers experienced delays in receiving key manufacturing components and exporters faced challenges accessing containers and getting bookings on shipping vessels and so much more.

Today, many companies are realizing that resilience can be purchased at the expense of efficiency but organisations are exploring new ways to improve their resiliency strategies so that the efficiency is not compromised. Due to the rapid pace of global competition and the increasing number of disruptions, the supply chain functions need to step up their game. As supply chains become more complex and interconnected, their visibility into real-time operations is becoming more critical. At Pluto7, we help our customers achieve supply chain planning that is powered by AI helping them make better decisions with respect to their assets and operations.

Pluto7’s goal of supply chain transformation is to align the supply chain’s operational efficiency. which requires a step by step approach. As businesses experienced shutdown post pandemic the supply chain weaknesses in the ecosystems were revealed. Organisations were in urgent need of relying on solutions that could equip them rapid decision making capabilities at scale.

At Pluto7, we work with our customers to build adaptable, agile and intelligent supply chains. To know more, please visit:

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