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Digital Twin for your Supply Chain

Improve decision making across supply chain operations by building a digital replica of your physical supply chains with end-to-end visibility, advanced analytics, event-driven alert management, and collaboration across teams.

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Orchestrate your End to End Supply Chain with Digital Twin for Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Decisions

High-performing Supply Chain enabling business efficiency, responsiveness and enhancing better decision making


Centralized Data empowers enterprises to choose digital architecture connecting all the nodes of a Supply Chain.

Visibility with

Smart Control Towers provide end-to-end visibility across the Supply Chains improving resiliency, managing exceptions and responding to unplanned events.

Supply Network

Improving supply network efficiency with AI-Driven optimization & simulation by master inventory visibility with improved demand forecasting and automation.

Enhanced Customer

Streamlining the Supply Chain to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations by innovating and optimizing every step

Leading Innovation with the Digital Twin for Supply Chain on Google Cloud

Digital Twin for Supply Chain built on Supply Decisions Platform Enhancing Customer Experience

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A well-designed Supply Chain Optimization process addressing the supply chain needs, leveraging composable data and AI services for real-time intelligence

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Driving High Profits with Agile, Flexible and Intelligent Supply Chains

End to end

Adjust the demand forecast more in real-time to increase visibility


Predict future demand, customize company output and increase customer satisfaction.


Aggregate and analyse the consumer demand and forecast the accurate inventory

in pricing

Automating price adjustments as per the forecasted demand and supply with inventory control


Dynamically route and plan your shipments with better supplier planning

Pluto7's Digital Twin for Supply Chain Solutions

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