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AI in a minute

December 9, 2021 | Divya Khare

Blog / AI in a minute

Machine learning and AI are already transforming the way the supply chain operates. They are helping to eliminate the uncertainty and inefficiencies that have plagued it for years providing better visibility into the entire supply chain and delivering the capabilities needed to optimize operations.

Due to the complexity of their product portfolios and the volatility of the markets, supply chains have become more challenging to manage. This has raised the need for greater flexibility and agility.

Pluto7 leverages the power of AI/ML providing streamlined Supply Chain management while improving customer experience to make your supply chains agile, adaptive and intelligent. Pluto7 is driving innovations that will transform the art and science of supply chain management for decades to come. 

Artificial intelligence is recognized as the key enabler promoting digital transformation in companies. We believe that with AI, comes innovation. We have come up with short 1 minute videos describing the use of AI in different business processes. 

  • Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin

It is a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, is updated from real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision-making. Digital Twin is a vital loop to help understand not just the present but also predict the future of how a particular machine will perform. 

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  • Vision AI

Vision AI can help you derive insights from your images in the cloud or at the edge with AutoML Vision or use pre-trained Vision API models to detect emotion, understand text, and more.

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  • Edge AI 

Edge AI is a system that uses machine learning algorithms to process data generated by hardware devices. An example of this technology can be seen in the speakers of Google, Alexa or the Apple Homepod, which have learned words and phrases through Machine Learning and then stored them locally on the device.

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  • Data Silos to AI

Data silos are individual collections of data that are stored and managed for a particular purpose, and for a certain business function. Draw in the data from around the organisation and invest in the use cases using the power of AI 

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  • Sentiment ML

A sentiment analysis model can predict whether a given text data is positive, negative, or neutral by extracting meaning from NLP and assigning it to a numerical score. Sentiment AI is used by various organizations to understand the sentiment of their customers to make fast and accurate business decisions accordingly.

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  • Document AI 

Document AI can help you make better decisions using document data and making it available to your applications and users

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  • Propensity to buy

Propensity to buy is a value which represents how likely a customer is to purchase a particular product. This model can classify potential customers by their likelihood to purchase a product which can be integrated into marketing and sales strategies.

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  • Demand Sensing

The goal of demand sensing is to help planners make decisions for improving near-future forecasts. The promise of Demand Sensing is to incorporate detailed short-term demand data into their forecasts to reduce their forecast error.

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  • Pricing AI

Price optimization techniques help retailers evaluate the potential impact of sales promotions or estimate the right price for each product if they want to sell it in a certain period of time which can be simplified using Pricing AI.

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  • Supplier AI

Supplier AI helps procurement teams, facilities managers and other purchasing professionals reduce the cost of their purchases.

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Pluto7 has worked with more than 400+ customers solving their Supply chain issues. We have a team of experts who understand the customer’s needs and build customized solutions accordingly. 

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