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Recalibrate Your Supply Chain Planning Capabilities With Planning In a Box

October 11, 2022 | Premangsu Bhattacharya

Blog / Recalibrate Your Supply Chain Planning Capabilities With Planning In a Box

Ask any supply chain leaders about the biggest challenge they are facing today, and they would inadvertently point to the lack of credible data. In reality, this is not true. What’s true, however, is the lack of insight—the ability to make numbers sing. 

Supply chain planning is like conducting an orchestra. There are hundreds of moving parts, each aiming to reach its maximum potential. When all these moving parts are in harmony, the dots begin to connect, and the perfect sound reaches our ears. 

In the ever-shifting world of business, spontaneity is the watchword. The market demands agility and rapid response to the changing dynamics. But are companies today equipped to handle emerging complexities, let alone lead the change? 

Consider the case of Ford Motors. According to a CNBC report, Ford is about to lose $1 billion in earnings due to unanticipated supply chain issues. Ford is not the only one battling a supply chain crisis. Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun stopped producing its bestselling 737 Max because of supply chain hurdles. 

Ford and Boeing are global giants with access to world-class technology, yet they seem defenseless against market uncertainties.

So where is the problem?

There are tons of technology solution providers in the supply chain industry today. Most solution providers over-promise what they can deliver but fail in real implementation. They do not put themselves in the shoes of supply chain planners and think from the inside out and wonder why planners still rely heavily on spreadsheets. As a result, supply chain teams grapple with multiple tools, siloed data, a lack of innovation, and a complete absence of a crisis management strategy. 

Introducing Your Inventory Positioning Co-Pilot, Planning in a Box

Planning in a box is a platform that helps planners reduce inventory carrying costs across warehouses and distributors. It produces data that can balance the demand-supply fulcrum and help planners eliminate the chances of shortages, excesses, or obsolete inventory.


Planning In a Box:  At a Glance

Not just mindless data, actionable insights at your fingertips

Don’t get tugged into a whirlpool of data blitzes that leads to zero business benefits. Instead, use real-time analytics that reads market demand signals to tell you accurately how much inventory to stock up and when. 

One single connected ecosystem

The days of siloed operations are now over. Planning in a Box connects all the loose strings of supply chain operations and consolidates them within a centralized data warehouse. 

Customizable to the power of infinity

Planning in a Box provides unlimited scope for customizations, making the platform highly adaptable to the evolving market dynamics. It uses a Transparent Glassbox Methodology that lets users view and control all aspects of Data Integration, ML models,  and Analytics Interface. 


Planning in a Box lets you customize the platform according to your requirements 

Seamless integration with SAP

Planning in a Box works on top of existing systems and enriches them with decision-making capabilities. It integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems, helping organizations save time and effort in implementation. 

Love crunching numbers on Spreadsheets? So do we.

Since the good old spreadsheets are here to stay, we decided to make the experience better by providing improved forecasting tools at your disposal. Planning in a Box delivers intelligent decision-making tools within spreadsheets to help planners make accurate decisions on their preferred platform. 

Get in touch with us to know more about Planning in a Box and how it can help you achieve your planning goals in the upcoming quarters.


Premangsu B is a digital marketer with a knack for crafting engaging B2B content. His writings are focused on data analytics, marketing, emerging tech, and cloud computing. Driven by his passion for storytelling, he consistently simplifies complex topics for his readers, creating narratives that resonate with diverse audiences.

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