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Pluto7 achieves Google Cloud Premier Partner status in 2018

April 9, 2019 | Divya Khare

Blog / Pluto7 achieves Google Cloud Premier Partner status in 2018

San Jose, 9th April, 2019 —We at Pluto7, a solutions and services company primarily focused in Machine Learning (ML)/AI, Smart Analytics and IoT on Google Cloud, are pleased to announce that we are launching three new ML/Ai Solutions – Marketing ML, Sales ML & Supply Chain ML soon to be publicly available on Ai Hub.  These pre-built ML models are designed for a quick rollout of ML-based predictive insights resulting in faster ML adoption and accelerate innovation within an enterprise. 

As a Premier Google Cloud Partner, Pluto7 continues to expand its Machine Learning & Smart Analytics solution portfolio, focused on driving value across Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Hi-Tech industry verticals and Enterprise customers. The three offerings:

  • Marketing ML: Helps maximize marketing ROI and improve customer engagement (aligned with Google C4M)
  • Sales ML: Increases sales effectiveness, translating to profitable growth and improved customer experience (aligned with Google C4M).
  • Supply Chain ML: Makes operations smarter, embedding self-learning intelligence and process automation, from realistic forecasting to preventive maintenance

Pluto7 recently achieved the coveted title of Premier Partner by Google Cloud, for their outstanding performance over consecutive quarters and securing multiple enterprise customers. It also attained Analytics Specialization in 2018. Pluto7 is a Gartner Global Awards finalist in two categories (Supply Chain and CPG), making them one of the promising AI startups to look for in 2019. Pluto7 expects accelerated growth over the next 3-5 years with an increased focus on spreading Google Cloud market awareness and practical benefits from its analytics and ML/AI offerings.

Pluto7 has expanded the relationship with Google US and Google India, aligning with Go-To-Market strategies to drive accelerated Google Cloud adoption with both GCP and G-Suite increasing re-selling capabilities while streamlining operations.  

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