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April 15, 2020 | Manju Devadas


The COVID-19 crisis took countries, governments, companies, business and IT leaders by surprise. Few countries let alone businesses or companies were prepared for this unprecedented crisis and the ripple effects it would bring related to travel restrictions and mandates to have employees work from home.  While remote access has been available for decades now, the concept of a company’s entire workforce working remotely has forced organizations to rethink the meaning of remote access, collaboration, security and most importantly serving the customers.

Pluto7 took swift action and is among the very few companies that immediately cancelled all onsite or any business travel by its employees since the end of February 2020 and deployed a virtual workforce program that enabled every one of our global employees to work from home, with little to no disruption to our business operations and that too well before the government mandate. Pluto7 anticipated the possibility of the Shelter-in-protection regulations in the US and the country-wide lockdown announced by the Government of India and enabled its workforce to Work from Home (“WFH”), beginning March 2nd onwards in the US and March 13th onwards in India. As a result 100% of Pluto7’s employees have already been working remotely since the beginning of March.

Using existing infrastructure, technology platforms and operational policies, we reconfigured our capabilities to address the near-term challenge in a manner that is scalable for the long-term.  By leveraging our existing capabilities, applied through a new crisis management framework, we were able to rapidly adapt to the new reality. 

Key highlights of Pluto7’s actions during this crisis include:

  • Driving thought leadership conversation on supply chain to help reduce the impact of the disruption to our customers businesses in verticals such as healthcare, retail, hitech, manufacturing;
  • Innovation and evolution of distance learning leveraging AI to help educational institutions; 
  • Launched solutions to minimize disruption in Supply Chain, Education ML and other areas of a customer’s business on GCP Marketplace;
  • Conducting Wellness Webinars with health and welfare specialists focusing internally on human factors for our employees;
  • Virtual Coffee sessions with employees to discuss topics on how to minimize fatigue, and mental stress and other topics.

COVID-19 may fundamentally challenge our current notions of the global economy, organizational culture, employee experience, HR & IT policies and how employers engage with their workforce and Pluto7 is ready for it. While in the short-term, remaining focused, calm and human centric should guide most organizations through the new normal, in the long-term, the lessons learned from this temporary crisis may present an opportunity for organizations to create a more resilient workforce, and emerge as stronger organizations.

As a quote attributed to Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius puts it, “The impediment to action, advances the action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” Standing at a wall of opposition is intimidating, but it also creates innovation and motivation. 

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