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Pluto7 vs. Other Decision Intelligence Platforms

June 15, 2023 | Manju Devadas

Blog / Pluto7 vs. Other Decision Intelligence Platforms

Data, Depth, and Decision-Making: Pluto7’s Innovative Edge in Decision Intelligence

As the world pivots towards a more data-centric approach to business, it has become imperative to tap into the vast ocean of data intelligently and effectively. Decision Intelligence platforms have risen to the challenge, transforming the way businesses operate, but none do it quite like Pluto7.

In this dynamic digital landscape, Pluto7 uniquely positions itself to offer solutions that cut through the noise, delivering unparalleled depth and speed in extracting insights from data. Leveraging the capabilities of Google Cloud and SAP, and powered by groundbreaking Gen AI and Machine Learning technologies, Pluto7 brings the power of 250+ external datasets to the hands of decision-makers across supply chain, marketing, sales, and finance.

Pluto7 – A Class Apart in Decision Intelligence

When it comes to choosing a decision intelligence platform, businesses have options. But what makes Pluto7 stand apart from competitors like Aera, Kinaxis, O9, and others is its transparency, flexibility, and capacity to facilitate decision-making across all business areas – marketing, sales, supply chain, and finance. 

Developed using Google Cloud’s Cortex Framework, Vertex AI, and BigQuery, and managed within Pluto7’s data platform, Pluto7’s solution offers businesses a powerful tool to transform their data into meaningful, actionable insights.

The Cortex data framework is a game-changer, providing the foundation for exceptional data analytics capabilities. With its expansive data model, which combines enterprise data with public data, Pluto7 allows businesses to scan their data landscape, much like a Google search, but for enterprise data. 

Whether it’s understanding how a shift in demand will affect inventory, predicting the impact of a catastrophic event on sales, or optimizing targeted content delivery, Pluto7 enables businesses to find precise answers to these complex questions.

In an age where operating margins are increasingly squeezed, Pluto7 takes away the unnecessary complexity of data innovation. From setting up automated data pipelines, managing migration, ensuring security to automating seemingly mundane tasks, Pluto7 is there every step of the way. It’s not just about the product; it’s about a commitment to be a true partner in a business’s journey to data-driven success.

Pluto7 stands firm with its distinctive edge, showcasing impressive transparency, flexibility, and deep expertise across marketing, sales, supply chain, and finance.


While automation is a considerable asset in decision-making tools, understanding why a decision was made is equally crucial. Unlike other platforms that use a rigid data model, Pluto7 uses a transparent glass-box data model to ensure businesses can trace the logic behind each decision, fostering trust and confidence in the system’s recommendations.


Pluto7’s data platform solutions are designed with adaptability at their core. They can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and workflows, minimizing disruptions while maximizing benefits. The flexible design enables easy customization to meet unique business needs and future growth.

Deep Expertise

With decades of experience in crucial business domains like marketing, sales, supply chain, and finance, Pluto7 brings profound knowledge and understanding to the table. Coupled with a robust partnership with SAP and Google Cloud, Pluto7 has the unique capability to extract the maximum value from these platforms, ensuring businesses reap the benefits faster, with a clear path to ROI.

Real-World Impact – Success Stories Across Industries

Pluto7’s solutions have delivered remarkable results across various industry sectors. A few notable examples include:


Tacori, a renowned jewelry retailer, harnessed Pluto7’s platform to improve its inventory management. By converging data from multiple sources, Tacori achieved greater accuracy in demand forecasting, leading to better inventory control and reduced overheads.

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

AB InBev, one of the largest beer companies globally, leveraged machine learning solutions from Pluto7 to predict potential machine failures. This predictive insight significantly improved the quality of the beer, reducing wastage and improving overall operational efficiency.

Watch: AB InBev improved Beer Quality with Pluto7


Lixil, a leading manufacturer of water and housing products, capitalized on Pluto7’s solutions to streamline its manufacturing process. The insights derived from the data platform enabled Lixil to optimize its supply chain management, leading to reduced waste and improve efficiency. 

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Cisco, a renowned player in the high-tech industry, uses Pluto7’s data platform to uncover critical insights into customer behaviors and market trends. The valuable knowledge obtained empowers the company to make data-driven decisions, driving growth and competitive advantage.

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Pluto7 vs. Other Decision Intelligence Platform: A Clear Differentiator

While other players like Aera, Kinaxis, and O9 offer decision intelligence platforms, Pluto7 sets itself apart through its emphasis on transparency, flexibility, and cross-domain expertise. Unlike other platforms, which autonomously make decisions, Pluto7 believes in the power of informed decision-making. By providing deep insights, Pluto7 enables businesses to understand the “why” behind every recommendation, fostering trust and transparency.

Pluto7’s platform prides itself on its data integration capabilities, facilitating easy bi-directional data movement. Whether it’s conducting analysis on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or carrying out analysis on the SAP platform using data from GCP, Pluto7’s data platform is equipped with tools that make these processes seamless.

Key Areas #1: Insights

Challenges Before Pluto7’s Solution Transformation with Pluto7’s Solution

Businesses struggled with disconnected and superficial insights, unable to anticipate demand accurately

Pluto7’s solution gives businesses a powerful lens into their data, generating deep, interconnected insights that enable accurate demand prediction.

Key Areas #2: Flexibility

Challenges Before Pluto7’s Solution Transformation with Pluto7’s Solution

Data teams faced rigid data models and systems that were difficult to modify as per changing business needs.

Pluto7’s solution empowers data teams with the ability to tweak the data model as needed to add and modify data sources. This adaptability allows businesses to quickly respond to evolving market trends and customer behavior.

Key Areas #3: Transparency

Challenges Before Pluto7’s Solution Transformation with Pluto7’s Solution

Business decision-makers were often in the dark about how data was sourced, processed, and interpreted.

Pluto7’s solution illuminates the entire data generation process, offering visibility into how insights are derived.

Key Areas #4: Time to Value

Challenges Before Pluto7’s Solution Transformation with Pluto7’s Solution

The lengthy time span from data integration to insight generation often resulted in outdated, ineffective decisions.

Pluto7’s solution is a ready-to-deploy tool in the customer’s cloud environment within two hours. For example, Pluto7’s Demand ML solution lets SAP users directly access insights from the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), helping them to realize actual business value in less than eight weeks. 

Pluto7’s data platform solutions are revolutionizing how decision-makers in supply chain, marketing, sales, and finance interact with and leverage data. While our competitors, such as Aera, offer an array of tools and promise to help businesses navigate the intricate world of data, Pluto7 brings an unparalleled depth of insights, proven use cases, and tangible business outcomes to the table. We don’t merely promise; we deliver.

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Our solutions are designed to go beneath the surface and explore the hidden layers of enterprise data, extracting key insights that can fuel data-driven decision-making and innovation. Whether it’s understanding consumer behavior for marketing strategies, optimizing inventory for supply chain management, improving sales forecasts, or driving fiscal efficiency in finance, Pluto7’s data platform solutions offer unmatched granularity of insights.

When it comes to insights, nobody does it better

While most solutions promise insights, it’s the depth, breadth, and speed of these insights that truly determine their value. In this realm, Pluto7 stands unrivaled.

Our unique blend of advanced technologies and proven use cases allows us to dive deep into the ocean of data and emerge with pearls of insights that truly matter to your business. And we do it better and faster than anyone else.

One key differentiator that sets Pluto7 apart is our access to over 250+ external data sources, including Google Trends, Ad tech, real-time events, weather, and much more. But what truly sets us apart is how we deliver these insights. Our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP’s Datasphere and analytics cloud, allowing SAP users to tap into these insights effortlessly.

The seamless integration enables users to ask complex business questions like “How will the NBA play-off affect my shoe sales?” and receive instant answers. We achieve this by blending internal data with external data in near real-time, all facilitated through an intuitive chat-like interface.

Unlike other planning platforms that take a broad-brush approach, we offer a domain-centric view. By understanding the nuances and dynamics of specific domains, we tailor our insights to cater to unique business needs, driving outcomes that are precisely aligned with your business objectives. 

Supply Chain
Use Cases Solved by Supply chain are Demand sensing, Inventory Optimization, Predictive Maintenance

Insights Provided by Pluto7 How We Outshine Other Planning Platforms

Real-time tracking of market trends, comprehensive visibility into supply and demand, and proactive identification of potential equipment failures.

Pluto7 employs Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning to capture demand signals from real-time events and dynamic lead times from actual goods movement data. These predictions are directly integrated into SAP Integrated Business Planning for enhanced planning accuracy and decision-making in supply chain operations.

Use Cases Solved by Marketing are Consumer Behavior Analysis, Content Optimization, Campaign Performance Analysis

Insights Provided by Pluto7 How We Outshine Other Planning Platforms

Comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and trends, efficient content targeting, and precise campaign impact assessment.

Pluto7 leverages Google Cloud’s data services to process large-scale continuous data from various sources. This processed data is integrated into SAP systems, allowing for innovative reporting models, which can be harnessed for impactful, data-driven marketing strategies within the SAP environment.

Use Cases Solved by Sales are Sales Forecasting, Customer Segmentation, Competitor Analysis

Insights Provided by Pluto7 How We Outshine Other Planning Platforms

Accurate sales forecasting, in-depth customer segmentation, and comprehensive competitor analysis.

Capability to link Salesforce or any other CRM data with ERP and Public datasets for accurate sales projections.

Pluto7 utilizes Google Cloud’s capabilities to develop event-driven applications on the SAP Business Technology Platform. These applications can trigger specific sales actions in the SAP S/4HANA system based on event data, facilitating more targeted and timely sales strategies.

Use Cases Solved by Finance are Financial Performance Analysis, Predictive Financial Modeling, Resource Allocation

Insights Provided by Pluto7 How We Outshine Other Planning Platforms

Detailed fiscal performance analysis, predictive financial modeling, and efficient resource allocation.

Pluto7, with Google Cloud’s advanced data services, integrates external financial records into SAP Datasphere. This not only improves the quality of financial reporting and analytics within SAP but also aids in achieving more accurate financial forecasting and enhanced compliance.

Why choose Pluto7 over Others?

They Provide a Bunch of Tools, We Provide Insights

A tool is only as good as the insights it delivers. Other platforms offer an array of tools. But tools without the power to derive in-depth, actionable insights are like a ship without a compass. Pluto7, on the other hand, emphasizes the extraction of granular insights from your data. Our solutions delve deep into your enterprise data, uncovering hidden patterns and trends that can transform the way you make business decisions.

They Provide Promises, We Provide Business Outcomes

In the world of enterprise data, promises are a dime a dozen. Other planning platforms might promise you the moon, but can they deliver? At Pluto7, we believe in the power of tangible business outcomes. Our data platform solutions have been designed with one goal in mind: to drive successful business outcomes for our clients. From boosting efficiency to reducing costs and enhancing decision-making, we focus on delivering measurable, meaningful results.

They Provide a Platform, We Provide a Partnership Rooted in Deep Domain Knowledge

When it comes to utilizing data for strategic decision-making, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Most solution providers today provide a platform – a set of tools and technologies. But what about the specific needs of your business, your industry, and your unique challenges? This is where Pluto7 excels. 

Our deep understanding of SAP and Google Cloud, coupled with decades of experience in domains such as marketing, sales, supply chain, and finance, allow us to tailor our data platform solutions to your specific needs. We don’t just provide a platform; we provide a partnership rooted in deep domain knowledge. Our expertise empowers you to leverage data not just as a tool but as a strategic asset for your business.

Accuracy. Speed. Efficiency.

Get the Pluto7 Advantage

Pluto7 versus Other Planning Platforms – A Comparative Analysis

Parameters Pluto7 Other Planning Platforms

Incorporates over 250 external signals for insights


High compatibility with SAP systems (S4 Hana & ECC integration)


Ready-to-use connectors for SAP IBP via SAP BTP


Customizable Google Cloud Cortex-Enabled data model for accelerated insights


Fast deployment (less than 2 hours) to minimize downtime


Real-time insights delivery within 4 weeks to accelerate value realization


Integration with Google Adtech and Salesforce CRM for enhanced marketing analytics


The true power of a data platform solution lies in its ability to transform complex data into actionable insights, enhance decision-making, and drive tangible business outcomes. Pluto7, with its unique blend of Gen AI technology, deep domain knowledge, commitment to transparency, and the power of Google Cloud and SAP, is doing just that. While other players like Aera may offer a suite of tools, Pluto7 focuses on delivering impactful insights and promising business outcomes. So, if you’re looking for a data platform solution that’s focused on generating value from your data and catalyzing your business growth, Pluto7 is the choice to make. It’s not just about promises; it’s about delivery. That’s the Pluto7 difference.

Quality Data Management: The Bedrock of Pluto7’s Offerings

The proficiency of Pluto7 goes far beyond the realms of innovation alone; we excel in managing the complete data lifecycle as well. While many competitors promise flashy tools and futuristic applications, the true strength of a data-driven organization lies in its core data management.

At the recently concluded SAP Sapphire 2023, Thomas Kurien, CEO of Google Cloud, and Christian Klein, CEO of SAP, concurred on one vital point – the quality of data dictates the outcome. At Pluto7, we couldn’t agree more. We believe that an innovation is only as groundbreaking as the data it is built upon.

Our data management capabilities go beyond merely handling data; they ensure the delivery of quality data, the kind that holds the potential to be a game-changer. We take pride in our data management services that extend from data migration to setting up automated data pipelines, from optimizing cloud consumption to ensuring data governance and security. We’re not just about creating awe-inspiring innovations; we also lay the bedrock that supports these innovations – a solid foundation of quality data.

Here’s an overview of our extensive data management capabilities:

  • Data Migration: We seamlessly migrate your data to Google Cloud, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

  • Data Pipeline Management: We establish and maintain data pipelines to facilitate the continuous flow of data, powering your business intelligence efforts.

  • Cloud Consumption Optimization: We actively monitor and manage cloud resources to ensure optimal usage, reducing unnecessary expenses.

  • Data Governance: We implement robust data governance strategies to maintain data accuracy, consistency, and security.

  • Data Security: We prioritize your data security, implementing stringent measures to protect your sensitive business information.

In the dynamic landscape of AI and data-driven decision-making, Pluto7 stands apart, carving a unique space where innovation meets application. We’re not just offering tools, we’re delivering solutions tailored to solve your business challenges. While competitors like Aera may promise possibilities, at Pluto7, we’re dedicated to delivering proven outcomes.

By synthesizing the power of Google Cloud and SAP with Gen AI and LLM capabilities, we’re making insights more accessible, more understandable, and more actionable. With a strong emphasis on data quality and management, we’re ensuring that these insights are grounded in truth and reliability.

As we continue to expand the horizons of what’s possible with our 250+ datasets and growing, we’re eager to help businesses make their mark in the new era of intelligence. At Pluto7, we’re turning insights into actions, challenges into opportunities, and possibilities into realities. Let’s explore the future of decision-making, together.

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Manju Devadas is the Founder and CEO of Pluto7, bringing 20+ years of experience in predictive analytics for Supply Chain, Retail and Manufacturing. With expertise in AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning, he has been instrumental in improving efficiency and strategic growth across industries.

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