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SAP + Google Cloud’s Gen AI Push: SAP Users, Time to Step Forward?

September 8, 2023 | Asheesh Gupta

Blog / SAP + Google Cloud’s Gen AI Push: SAP Users, Time to Step Forward?

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Fresh off the heels of Google Cloud Next: Google Cloud and SAP Set a New Standard with Open Data and Rapid Gen AI for Enterprises. Read the announcement here

Generative AI is reshaping industries across the board. For business leaders, it’s no longer about the ‘ifs’ but about the practical considerations needed to integrate Gen AI into their existing workflows. And that’s because businesses today see a clear path to value with Gen AI when they ask a direct question, such as “What’s our inventory status for product X in warehouse Y?” and get a straight-up answer like “5,000 units in stock, with increased demand expected next week.” 

This was unthinkable even a year back. Now, simply by typing a question, anyone—regardless of their SQL expertise—can generate a query.  This query identifies the right datasets, combines them with external datasets, validates the information, synchronizes with other systems, and delivers a response in seconds.

Moreover, the management and upkeep of these Gen AI models have become significantly more streamlined. Most of the model management, creation, data governance, and quality assurance are managed by data platforms like Planning in a Box.

SAP is paying attention because its customer needs are evolving. SAP customers are now keen to integrate external datasets, combine SAP with non-SAP data, and quickly adopt customizable Gen AI solutions that mesh with their existing systems and yield tangible business ROI. For SAP, Google Cloud is a key partner in this journey because of Google Cloud’s unparalleled array of capabilities in this arena.

The partnership between SAP and Google Cloud has only grown stronger over the years, a fact that was underscored during their joint appearance at Sapphire. Now, with their recent collaboration in Open data and AI, their mutual goal is to leverage Generative AI to extract immense value from data found in SAP systems and third-party sources. This collaboration will help businesses operate with greater security while also promoting sustainable enterprise operations.

The strategy involves combining the capabilities of SAP Datasphere’s integrated open data cloud with Vertex AI. The goal is to launch generative AI-driven industry solutions, starting with the automotive sector, and to introduce new features that aid customers in bolstering their sustainability initiatives.

Pluto7 stands as the key facilitator in this integration, ensuring that businesses can optimize the capabilities of both SAP and Google Cloud. Here’s a deeper dive into its role:

  • Extensive Experience Across Industries: With a rich history of successfully navigating complex migration and data transformation projects, Pluto7 carries a nuanced understanding of SAP data across various sectors. This extensive know-how ensures that integrations are smooth, efficient, and tailored to the unique needs of businesses.
  • Planning in a Box’ Decision Intelligence Platform: At the heart of Pluto7’s solutions is the decision intelligence platform, ‘Planning in a Box.’ This platform creates a robust data foundation by bringing together vast datasets, leveraging the best of Google Cloud’s tools. Its core features include:
    • Glassbox Methodology: Offering transparency and flexibility, this approach ensures that businesses aren’t locked into a black box. Instead, they can tweak and adapt based on evolving requirements.
    • Customizability at Its Core: Recognizing that no two businesses are the same, Planning in a Box is built to adapt. Whether it’s adjusting to a unique dataset or industry-specific requirements, customization is not just an option; it’s integral.
    • Ready-to-Deploy Use Cases: You can deploy Planning in a Box immediately in key areas such as supply chain transformation, ensuring that sales, marketing, and finance data are seamlessly interwoven using Gen AI.
    • Addressing Critical Business Challenges: Some of the key problems ‘Planning in a Box’ can address include:
      • Demand forecasting with unprecedented accuracy.
      • Holistic inventory visibility, eliminating overstock and stockout scenarios.
      • Precision-driven marketing analytics, ensuring every campaign hits its mark.
      • Seamless financial data flow, allowing for real-time financial decision-making.
      • Rapid response mechanisms for supply chain disruptions.
  • Integration with SAP Datasphere: With Pluto7’s Data Platform ‘Planning in a Box,’ businesses can integrate SAP Datasphere’s comprehensive data aggregation, spanning sources like SAP S4 HANA and Google BigQuery, directly with Vertex AI for advanced analytics processing.

    Post-analysis, the insights are then channeled back into the SAP Analytics Cloud, ensuring a fluid and interconnected data-to-insight journey within the familiar SAP ecosystem.
  • Empowering with Generative AI: Leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, Pluto7 can deploy state-of-the-art foundation models for SAP users. Whether it’s PalM for text and chat or ImageGen for visuals, Pluto7 ensures that businesses have the tools they need to draw actionable insights, prompt engineering, and even fine-tune models to their specific requirements.
  • Protecting Data Sovereignty: One of the unique capabilities brought by the platform is the Fed ML Python Library in Vertex AI. It ensures that while Large Language Models can access the data stored in Datasphere, there’s no physical migration of data. This safeguards data integrity and security.
  • Enhancing Workflows and Visualization: The availability of Node. js-based applications on SAP BTP ensure workflows are streamlined. Visualization tools, coupled with GenAI capabilities, allow users to ask questions and receive insights as if interacting with a seasoned data analyst.
  • Foundational Security and Compliance: Pluto7 recognizes that while integration is crucial, it cannot come at the cost of security. Hence, the platform harnesses inherent capabilities from both SAP BTP and Google Cloud, ensuring data governance, security, MDM, and compliance are not compromised.

Generative AI is revolutionizing business processes. However, integrating it with SAP requires expertise.  At Pluto7, we’ve developed solutions that can be activated in less than an hour. From initial workshops to full-scale deployment, we’ve streamlined the process to fit into a tight six-week window. In today’s market, few partners can voice such confidence in their timelines and delivery. 

With Pluto7, you’re not just choosing any partner. You’re aligning with a team backed by trust from Gartner, SAP, and Google Cloud and proven by giants like Levis, ABInBev, and Lixil. We offer more than tech solutions: We bring decision intelligence into your workflows, securing your data and making systems work seamlessly.

In the end, the trajectory of your data transformation journey depends on the partner by your side. So, what’s your next move? The ball’s in your court. Engage with Pluto7. Let’s co-create the future.


Asheesh Gupta is the Head of Enterprise Architecture at Pluto7, bringing over 20 years of experience in technology consulting, system integration, and service delivery. He excels in architecting and delivering data-driven solutions on hyperscalar cloud platforms like GCP and SAP BTP. With a focus on supply chain optimization through digital transformation and AI, Asheesh’s work at Pluto7 continues to drive value and innovation in enterprise technology.

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