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How Planning in a Box Boosts Sustainable Inventory Management for ESG Compliance

September 21, 2023 | Vipul Borse

Blog / How Planning in a Box Boosts Sustainable Inventory Management for ESG Compliance

In the age of heightened awareness of sustainability, businesses worldwide are setting their sights on areas often overlooked: inventory and supply chain management. With Pluto7’s GenAI-powered decision intelligence platform Planning in a Box, a whole new perspective on inventory management opens up, empowering companies to navigate complex sustainability goals, particularly in the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) compliance arena.

Inventory Sustainability: A New Lens 

When it comes to ESG compliance standards, inventory optimization is a critical pillar:

  1. Avoid Excess Production: Overproduction doesn’t just waste resources—it increases CO2 emissions. Aligning production with real demand minimizes these excesses. Through the Generative AI capabilities of Planning in a Box, companies receive tailored demand insights, ensuring optimal production.
  2. Efficient, Timely Production: Holding onto products for long durations not only ties up capital but also consumes energy, especially for products needing controlled environments. With the platform’s real-time analytics that connect sales, operations, and manufacturing, enterprises can reduce storage durations and their associated energy costs.
  3. Localized Production: Transporting goods contributes substantially to greenhouse gas emissions. Strategically positioning manufacturing closer to the demand source minimizes these emissions. Integrating geospatial data, Planning in a Box helps in making intelligent location-specific decisions.

Marrying Google Cloud Capabilities with Inventory Optimization

Leveraging Google Cloud tools, Planning in a Box amplifies its sustainability capabilities:

  • Environment APIs on Google Maps: With insights from the Solar API or the Air Quality metrics, businesses can make proactive operational decisions that are environmentally aligned.
  • BigQuery and Google Earth Engine: These tools, when combined, provide a comprehensive view of supply chains on a global scale. This allows businesses to optimize routes, reduce transportation emissions, and make environmentally aware decisions.
  • Carbon Footprint Tools: By quantifying carbon emissions from operations and even digital activities, businesses can get a comprehensive picture of their carbon impact.

How Does Planning in a Box Help You Achieve Your Sustainability Goals?

Planning in a Box is a decision intelligence platform on Google Cloud. Backed by SAP and Google Cloud and endorsed by Gartner, Planning in a Box is a flexible platform that can analyze and interpret vast datasets providing intelligent recommendations and actionable insights. Here’s how it guides enterprises through their sustainability journey:

1.   Use-Case Driven Approach for Rapid Results

Our platform ensures actionable results within just 4 weeks using a use-case driven approach. Immediate impact translates to businesses initiating sustainable choices without delay.

Whether it’s optimizing inventory management, sourcing sustainably, or any other facet of operations, Planning in a Box offers specific use cases to ensure a tailored solution. Examples include:

Examples include:

  • Sustainable Inventory: Streamlining inventory management to mitigate overproduction. Read the Case Study
  • Sustainable Sourcing: Facilitating responsible procurement with minimized environmental impact. Read the Case Study

2.  A Flexible Decision Intelligence Platform

Planning in a Box stands out not just as a decision intelligence platform but as a meticulously crafted ecosystem designed for depth and efficiency. Here’s a quick look into its components: 

a. Data Foundation with Google Cloud Cortex:

  • Diverse Data Sources: Our platform pulls in data from a multitude of sources, such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Salesforce, Google Ad Tech, and more.
  • Cohesive Data Integration: Google Cloud Cortex acts as a seamless integrator, weaving these diverse data streams into a unified foundation. It accelerates data readiness, ensuring all datasets, regardless of origin, speak the same language and can be analyzed collectively.
  • Rapid Time to Insight: With the unified data foundation, data preprocessing and cleaning become efficient, thereby accelerating the overall time from data acquisition to actionable insight.

b. Intelligent Layer with Generative AI:

  • Powered by Google: Our Generative AI utilizes the capabilities of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and BigQuery. This ensures the interpretation of vast datasets with precision and speed.
  • Complex Queries Simplified: Generative AI goes beyond conventional analytics. It can translate intricate business queries into natural language processing models. For instance, instead of going through cumbersome data analysis to deduce “Which product line has the maximum carbon footprint?” you can simply ask, and Generative AI provides the answer.

c.  Flexibility and Transparency with the Glass-box Technology

  • Customizable data platform: Recognizing that each business has unique needs, our platform is designed for flexibility. Whether it’s integrating new data sources or customizing analytics dashboards, Planning in a Box is equipped to mold as per your requirements.
  • Scalable with your needs: As your business grows, so do your data needs. Our platform ensures it scales seamlessly with you, managing increased data flows and analytical demands.
  • Transparency with Glass-box Technology: Unlike black-box models where the internal workings are hidden, our glass-box approach ensures that businesses not only see the results but understand the underlying processes and rationale.

3. Sustainability Analytics Tailored for the User

Understanding data is pivotal. With the integration of Looker, Planning in a Box presents data in an intuitive and interactive format:

  • Dashboards visualize various metrics, from carbon footprint assessments to supply chain efficiencies.
  • Enhanced interactivity with Generative AI lets users query specific inquiries, such as “What’s the carbon footprint of our top-selling product?”, receiving real-time answers that inform smarter business decisions.

4. Strategic Partnerships Amplifying Efficiency

Deep engineering partnerships with SAP, Google Cloud, and Oracle ensure the following: 

  • Faster Data Integration: These partnerships enable seamless data integration, minimizing the time typically needed to consolidate varied data sources.
  • Customized Implementations: Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, our partnerships assure a consistent platform backbone while features, metrics, and insights are customized to individual enterprise needs.

Take the Next Step: Join Our Tailored Workshop

Navigating sustainability is a unique journey for every business. With Planning in a Box, we offer a workshop tailored to your specific needs. Focus on one key use case, implement solutions, and gain actionable insights—all in 4 weeks or less.

This isn’t just about data; it’s about making real, impactful decisions quickly.

Ready to fast-track your sustainability journey? Dive into our customized workshop and achieve results that matter. Join us now.