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Transform Your Digital Learning Experience with Cloud AI

July 21, 2020 | Divyansh Meena

Blog / Transform Your Digital Learning Experience with Cloud AI

Yin and Yang events: 

Inventions like “language”, internet, mobile and mobile devices have accelerated the knowledge transfer and have made it readily available to everyone, faster than ever before. Even in this technology age, physical classrooms hold a higher throne. According to a survey conducted on 1000 students by USA Today, 78% students felt that it was easier to learn from a physical classroom rather than online learning set ups

Whether an individual prefers e-learning or physical classroom, it has been a personal choice. However, the pandemic has put a long interval on physical classrooms which has clearly affected the learning experience of students across the globe. 

While students were concerned about their curriculum, universities had both long-term and short-term challenges when it comes to revamping their infrastructure and enrollment systems. This “new normal” represented a mass migration to intelligent digital tools and cloud technology. While digital learning is now getting widely accepted, there is a lot more than can be done to elevate digital learning experience for students. 

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Students don’t start interacting with your educational establishment from the moment they get their ID card or the very first lecture. The interaction starts when they are shortlisting the schools and looking for the programs they could enroll in. 

With the digital interactions and online footprints students are leaving, ethical technologies can be leveraged to deliver a “highly-personalized education”. Today, advanced IT infrastructures and online learning experiences are changing faster than ever. It is clear that the Covid-19 crisis has further accelerated the need to digitize and enhance the distance learning experience. 

The future of learning and educational institutions in the coming years will look similar to some of the sci-fi futuristic movie concepts. Having access to relevant information such as student interests, where they spend their energy, where and when they focus and how they are engaging with the materials will also help students to be fairly assessed. 

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The Roadmap for transforming student learning experiences 

Cloud and AI are already changing the world for good by making it safer and more efficient. At Pluto7, we are already working with top universities to enable digital transformation. 

Here is  a brief overview of Pluto7 and Google Cloud helped the University of New Mexico and Project ECHO empower local communities using intelligent chatbots: Read more

What we did for the University of Mexico can be easily implemented for all educational institutes, from K-12 to National and Public Universities. Keeping a diverse set of schools in mind we have built a custom solution, Education ML, that can deliver value to a broad spectrum, from a high school to a deemed university. 

Here are few of the use cases that can be enabled with our industry based solution:

  • Learning tracking: By analyzing data curated on Google Cloud and integrating it with existing education management systems valuable insights can be derived about student behavior and preferences at scale, with continuous self-learning capabilities to improve and adapt in real- time. 
  • Video content insights: A big segment of online learning material is in video format. As technology evolves, more educational institutions are leveraging AI to know what is exactly in each video and identify the key learning elements available.
  • Student Success Modeling – Each student goes through a unique digital learning journey which includes what is of interest to them aligned with the institutions grading criteria. AI recommends courses and enables guided learning techniques where students can comprehend advanced concepts faster.
  • Assignments grading – With the combination of AI and text analytics, assignments are now being considered for evaluation on the cloud, showing signs of improved accuracy and helping more efficient grading. There will still be human oversight in many cases, but it will need much lesser time.
  • Proctoring with AI – Another important capability that happens to be a necessity now is proctoring students while the student is taking a test or an exam. AI is currently being explored to see if computers can assist the professors by being a “digital twin” in monitoring. 
  • Student and Faculty interactions – With digital and distance learning the amount of interaction between students and faculty have gone up significantly. With Google CCAI, students can access the support they need at any time. Also, universities can drive better interactions between the student community.

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Universities, schools, and educational institutions need to drive innovation at scale as distance learning has transformed how students and faculty interact. If handled well, this digital transformation and AI can become a key differentiator for many institutions and will transform their education system in a significant way in the coming months and years. What you read here was just the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to deep dive on various transformations for improving student experience, visit our education transformation section.  It is suggested that you take a deeper look at the discussion by reading this free whitepaper drafted by our AI experts: Transform Digital Learning experience with Cloud AI 

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