Case Studies

In today’s global internet connected socially oriented world data is flowing from many disparate and diverse sources and at a very rapid rate. Examples are emails, system logs, webpages, customer transcripts, informal chats and rich media like HD images and videos.

Today’s consumer is very demanding in terms of the overall customer experience that they demand. This fact has been well understood and exploited by the successful B2C enterprises such as industry leaders like Amazon, Walmart and others.

Their is a tremendous amount of useful info for B2B enterprises that is available in all this data that is being generated that can be leveraged for improving the way the enterprise can forecast sales, run their operation and drive their supply chains and provide customer service.

Cisco GCS (Virtual Digital Marketing team) had limited effective contact database and was unable to monitor the effectiveness and health of digital marketing campaigns by accounts/offers. Unable to direct the digital marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness it contacted us for business solution.

We provided the initial proof of concept that to potentially enable the refinement of the Global Customer ID groupings from a reference set of 29 million accounts in the customer repository. Using Tableau visualization executives and their teams are now able to determine the health of the digital marketing campaigns and also the effect of the engagement with the customers.

NMK’s demand and supply planning were manual and there was revenue loss due to mismanaged inventory. Also they were not able to estimate the inventory they needed.

We were able to provide analysis & visual display of current inventory information, demand and supply using Tableau Solution for demand & supply balancing with an aim for Just in Time driven inventory management.