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Enhancing Collaboration and Security with Google Workspace


Baba Textile Machinery India Private Limited is a leading Manufacturer and Importer of an extensive array of Computerised Embroidery Machine, Rapier Loom, Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine, Industrial Digital Textile Printer Machine, Digital Sublimation Printer, Digital Textile Belt Printer, etc.

Why Pluto7?

Pluto7 is a solutions company, specialized in Smart Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Pluto7 has helped organizations in different domains with unique capabilities, leveraging Google Workspace. We are among the top 1% of the Google cloud partners worldwide. Having worked with multiple industries, Pluto7 has rich experience in understanding the challenges and solving global-scale problems.

Challenges in the Legacy Server

Previously, BABA Textile Machinery Ind. Pvt. Ltd were using Zoho as their mailing solution for 12+ users.While using Zoho they faced several issues like lack of collaboration tools, unavailability of communication channels like chats or video conferencing, internal and external data transfer issues and many more. Furthermore, even critical security related issues such as email spoofing could not be detected due to which the storage and email transactions were at risk. Along with these major challenges, another important task was to manage a large employee size.  As a result data security became a concern for them. Lack of proper Admin console features including Mobile Device Management and Reports also posed huge problems. 

Understanding the customers’ needs, our team at Pluto7 suggested the benefits of moving to Google Workspace and how it would help them enhance their collaboration by making it cost effective.


The tools in Google Workspace in comparison to other solutions are way more simple, agile, flexible and user-friendly along with guaranteed uptime from Google-enabled smooth mail transactions for the employees. Google Workspace Admin console included different features which enabled the admin to set up different compliances, strengthen security, bring out reports and effectively secure overall company data. Free inclusion of collaborative tools in Google Workspace solved their issue of spending extra on other Office tools. Also, a group of employees for a particular project could work simultaneously on the same project documents thereby improving time-management.


The shift from Zoho to Google Workspace automatically benefited the users of Baba Textile Machinery Industries Pvt. Ltd. in many ways. Increased security on limited data, extremely user-friendly interface and many more. Google Drive made the sharing and storage of large size files easy which resulted in better collaboration amongst employees. Additional tools (Drives and Docs) helped in overall user satisfaction, improving collaboration amongst different teams and overall enhancing data security.

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