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FinTech company uses Google Cloud Platform and Pluto7’s Machine Learning Models to deliver financial intelligence to customers

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If it wasn’t for our partnership with Pluto7, we would not have discovered Google Cloud Platform and seen what a great fit it was for our product and company.”

-Varun Balan, CEO, RMI Insights


RMI Insights is a financial modeling automation company that helps companies realize intelligence opportunities and add value through its predictive modeling and analysis tools. Founded in 2014, RMI Insights is based in Denver, Colorado.

Why We Chose Pluto7

Pluto7, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, specializes in deploying accelerated solutions and custom applications in smart analytics, machine learning, and AI. The client realized that we can add immense value by leveraging our knowledge of machine learning and integrating that with current Google Cloud Platform tools such as BigQuery, Natural Language, and Google Kubernetes Engine to create an integrated solution that allows them to leverage their industry experience to build a compelling, data-driven product for many SMBs and middle market customers.


RMI Insights provides customers with corporate financial models and projections to make better decisions, whether it’s a local bank deciding to issue a loan or a private equity firm assessing potential investments. While data visualization is a standard option in financial business intelligence, RMI Insights produces predictive data that drives better investments. Clients provide individual data sets that often cannot be processed the same way because one set might include customer data while another could include detailed operations information.

Google Cloud Premier Partner Pluto7 was instrumental during the RMI Insights migration, helping the company implement its machine learning resources that leverage BigQuery and Cloud Natural Language. This has expedited time to market for machine learning solutions in an increasingly competitive market. Pluto7 also helped educate the team on all GCP functionality.


Kubernetes provides significant performance gains for clients. Individual platform modules, applications, or file uploads would previously take 10 to 15 seconds to load, but on GCP, customers see almost instantaneous load times. Additionally, RMI Insights leverages BigQuery as a data warehouse for applications including analytics. The company also uses Cloud Natural Language to automate financial data analysis, while G Suite apps including Drive support day-to-day work.

In the coming months, RMI Insights anticipates more growth including expansion into the Indian and Southeast Asian markets, along with a push to include broader data sources into its modeling. With GCP, RMI Insights is confident it can help democratize high-level predictive financial intelligence.

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Industry High-tech

Solutions Demand-ml| Preventive-maintenance-ml| Marketing-ml

Organization Name: RMI Insights


  • Extracting data from different types of consolidated financial statements was complicated
  • Preserve parent-child information between the fields in the statement.
  • Apply necessary calculations to the fields in the pdf to gain insights.


  • Extraction, transformation and loading of the contents in the financial statement (.pdf,.csv,.xls) to the appropriate JSON format preserving the parent-child relationships.
  • Additional calculation checks to verify extracted information, for an extra layer of accuracy.
  • The solution accurately converting financial statement to a standardized format.

Products Used

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • BigQuery
  • Cloud Natural Language API
  • Kubernetes Engine
  • Kubernetes